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    Tanner Morgan thoughts

    A few thoughts on Tanner Morgan from me - #1 I still can't believe Fleck didn't use him as a true freshman as the only QB's we had were Demry Croft and Conner Rohde! We can all be very thankful as he would now be a senior and this would be his last year of eligibility. My favorite Gopher QB of...
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    Pitino era is over, start the search now.

    the players are making this an easy decision. It was the Iowa home game in year 7 that really sealed the deal in my estimation. Pitino should get the axe at the end of the year - Coyle is probably looking hard right now for his replacement.
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    Chip: Gophers looked like team without a clue about how to win

    This is exactly what several of us have been saying, and you really can't argue with any of this. Just to be clear, I am not saying fire Pitino immediately, let it play out to the end of the year but I would be starting to talk and see who would be available and who might be interested in this...
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    Dutcher > Haskins > Monson > Smith > Pitino

    This was a good post. I think we can do better and we CAN get back to those teams with the deep NCAA runs. I really thought Pitino was going to be that guy, but I do not think so even if you give him 7 MORE years. I think this is about as far as he is going to be able to get us. There is no...
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    Beilein may soon be on the market

    Actually, I think Coyle has done a pretty good job of identifying and nailing down some good coaches and without the aid of an extended search committee, too. Fleck was a home run, Motzko is starting to look that way and Whalen needs a little more time but I think that will turn out just fine...
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    Dutcher > Haskins > Monson > Smith > Pitino

    Motzko was another good hire and it looks very promising for the hockey team moving forward. They probably should have made a coaching move about 2-3 years before they did and instead allowed the program to crash to rock bottom. I never thought this was even possible with the hockey team. The...
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    Dutcher > Haskins > Monson > Smith > Pitino

    I agree with the consensus around here. I actually like Pitino, he knows basketball and seems like a nice guy. But I think after 7 years of very mediocre to bad basketball it is time for a change. I just don't see it getting any better than an occasional NCAA first round loss mixed in with a...
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    Dutcher > Haskins > Monson > Smith > Pitino

    OK, Maybe Smith was a little better than Monson but you get the picture. Each coaching change has brought about a coach a little less successful than the previous one. I never thought I would see Gopher basketball team at these levels 30 years ago several years in a row. This was a team that...
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    oops -- wrong forum

    This thread got Bruce Boudreau fired.
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    Meet QB Philip Nelson the Renegades starting quarterback for Week 1

    Wow -- great find - and good detective work, too!
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    Meet QB Philip Nelson the Renegades starting quarterback for Week 1

    Thanks -- AJ Barker - of course!! I wonder whatever happened to that guy. You really hate to see that - he had some good games for us, too.
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    Meet QB Philip Nelson the Renegades starting quarterback for Week 1

    Who was the walkon WR we had that was our best WR and Kill yelled at him and said when he was at Northern Illinois he had 8 better WR's than him? The kid wrote a huge, ill-advised letter that got publicized and left the team. That was the strangest story I heard when Kill was coaching. Here was...
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    College football teams with the most returning production in 2020

    Haha -- so true. Unfortunately for the Gophers, the schedule has Iowa and BYU on it back to back very early so the defense has got to be ready to go very early on. I think it will get better as the season goes on barring injuries - that's safe to say but there is enough talent to fill in the...
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    Meet QB Philip Nelson the Renegades starting quarterback for Week 1

    He was definitely the better QB passing wise than Mitch Leidner, but Leidner won the job due to the other things, such as leadership and running. It's long gone but the fact is that Nelson is still playing football and I think Kill may have made a mistake on this one. When you see how well...
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    Tom Fenton: There’s a method to P.J. Fleck’s madness

    At this point you have to be very satisfied with the job PJ Fleck is doing here, even if you do not agree with his style. The people that are continuing to hate on him or badmouth him are showing their true colors. Fans of other teams that hate on him are probably feeling threatened by the...
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