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    Postgame Press Conference after 76-67 win vs. North Dakota!

    Agreed and to me that's something that should improve over time as we build chemistry. I think it's very easy to forget that a huge chunk of this team is brand new. Friendships and trust on the court don't develop overnight.
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    Next Gopher Head Coach

    Agree on all points, to touch on your point about the starting 5, I think 2017 had a better starting lineup with 4 guys who were All-B1G caliber. However, that 2017 roster had a horrifically bad bench, I didn't realize until I looked it up but the only guys we had that even belonged on a D1...
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    Gopher 2020-2021 Captains announced: Curry, Carr, Kalscheur .

    Exactly the guys I'd expect, all 3 are totally deserving of it because they work hard and carry themselves the right way on and off the court. Hope Curry has a successful and healthy year!
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    Next Gopher Head Coach

    I get what you're saying but to me what's more important than the entire resume of Pitino is where the program is now and the outlook of the next 2 to 3 years. In this hypothetical scenario, if we had a top 6 and then a top 4 finish in the conference, I wouldn't really care what happened 5...
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    Next Gopher Head Coach

    Disagree we will have a new coach anytime soon. We have a very good roster and are likely to have a good year. Even if we don't, we are talking about an athletic department in deep financial issues just like everyone else. I think it would take a complete dumpster fire of a year for Pitino to...
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    Rickert advice for Oturu: "Definitely don’t listen to the people who say you should stay in school."

    You can say Malcolm Brogdon. We won't all rip you for referencing Virgina. I believe his father and brother are lawyers so obviously education is important in that family. I'd say Brogdon is very much in the minority though, very very few players would follow in his path. Even if it has worked...
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    All Things Class of 2020 Recruiting Thread

    Plus Liam was number 3 only behind Landers and Carton as highest rank sit out transfers.
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    Name a Gopher you thought would be really good, but wasnt

    I thought IW was gonna figure it out here. His vision is something you just can't teach, but he got in his own way.
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    All Things Kerwin Walton Recruitment Thread (Class of 2020)

    No, nobody is as of yet. Even his coach thinks its still wide open.
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    Let’s dream for a second that Oturu returns. ...

    Yes. I'd actually raise the bar and say that if Oturu returns next year and we have a healthy roster, a top 5 finish in the conference should be the expectation.
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    Doogie: I have every reason to believe Richard Pitino WILL be back as Gophers coach, there are just no signs

    Agreed, he is pretty connected. He was dead on with Fleck and the timing of the Claeys firing.
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    Still is impressive. Can't remember the last time that's happened. I'd bet it's a pretty statistical rarity.
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    I still support Pitino.

    Yeah agreed but Coyle is certainly not worried about the career record. He's worried about where he thinks this program is now and in the future. Pitino has shown that he is a very mediocre coach the last few seasons. I am very confident that if we rolled with him for the next few years, you'd...

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