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    What Coach Could Automatically Make Minnesota B-Ball Elite?

    I'm skeptical that anyone could make us consistently elite. To be consistently elite you need to keep bringing in top talent. Unless you solve that fundamental issue this program will continue to be an average one that has exceptional years here and there.
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    Bateman opting out of 2020 Football Season

    Damn that sucks but it's understandable. After last year his stock couldn't be that much higher. Get ready for the draft Bateman!
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    How many potential NBA players on the Gopher roster?

    With all this NBA talent anything short of a deep March Madness run has to be viewed as a failure.
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    ESPN: 40 Under 40: We rank the best young coaches in college basketball (#6. Richard Pitino, Minnesota)

    So they praise him because he won 18 games in his only year at FIU and because he is young?
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    NCAA - KU

    lol, what does vacating wins do? Are you going to retroactively erase the memories of what actually happened? All it does is remove it from a piece of paper but the memories of it to everyone will always be there. It's what I'd call a "meaningless punishment" as an attempt to look like they...
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    NCAA - KU

    The sad reality of it all is that no punishment takes away from all the memories. It's why things like vacating wins, titles, etc is pretty much useless. Ya it may severely limit them for a few years but with their tradition they'll quickly bounce back
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    Daniel Oturu's draft position

    Idk why some people think it's some slight if others think Oturu might not be anything then a good bench player or something like that. He'll more likely then not contribute in someway to an NBA team and that should be considered a success. Doesn't matter if he ends up a starter (I personally...
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    Everything Anti-Pitino Discussion...... Please put it all here and not in other threads.

    Pitino get's more excuses then any other coach I can imagine. He doesn't produce wins, can't keep local kids home (everyone can't is the excuse given for that) and when he does have a "high ranking" draft class people use that as another excuse yet it never materializes into wins. As a coach...
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    Since Pitino gets such praise for recruiting maybe he should be held to the same standard when it comes to wins and getting to the NCAA tournament.
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    ESPN: Top high school player Jalen Green to enter NBA/G League pathway

    Hope more kids do this. The NCAA needs to either die or be seriously revamped.
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    I still support Pitino.

    What in the absolute hell are you talking about?
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    I still support Pitino.

    Fire his ass. Not firing a known loser because a player says he will play 1 more season? How is that even a question?
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