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    All Things 2021 Minnesota Twins In-Season Thread

    Haven't watched much Twins this year. Looks like they might be out of it by May 1st.
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    Guess the Ws record for BJs first year.

    I think it depends on non-conference schedule. But I'm thinking about 3-4 Big Ten wins. 8-11 wins total.
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    All things Derek Chauvin trial

    I don't see how they come back quickly with a not-guilty on this one.
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    All things Derek Chauvin trial

    If jury members were to see a financial impact of their decision, they would all be better of if they found the defendant guilty. Finding him non-guilty would be bad for them financially. In theory.
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    All things 2021 MN state high school tournament

    He was impressive in the two televised games.
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    The last time Gopher Basketball exceeded your expectations?

    I'm wondering if our expectations are too high. It's been a considerably long time since Gopher Basketball exceeded expectations. I think the last time I remember them exceeding my expectations was when they hired Tubby Smith. Although after that it didn't pan out as optimistically as I had...
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    All Things Chet Holmgren Recruitment Thread (Class of 2021, Gophers Have Offered)

    Kevin Lynch said it sounds like they had already made their decision but just hadn't announced it yet.
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    Why is this board not more interested in Porter Moser?

    I don't know how Oklahoma out-hired Indiana on Porter. Very strange.
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    Another BOOM: Eylijah Stevens from Lafayette

    I understand the reasons about new players needing time to gel, but the Gophers were a bubble team (or better) for most of the season, and I didn't think our basketball looked anything like a team of five guys who gelled together. We had a team of like 1.5 - 2.5 contributing offensive players...
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    Gabe in Portal

    If he transfers to New Mexico I'll be a bit puzzled.
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