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    Now lets win the B10 tourney

    As much as I agree that we are the team that no one wants to play right now, I can't imagine a team with as little depth as we have making a huge run. I imagine Carr's legs falling off about the 2nd half of game 3. Hey I'd take that right about now though.
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    Iowa game--crowd and other thoughts.

    I'll be there, confirmed tix today! My apologies in advance to any of you chumps who don't want me standing and yelling. We hate Iowa!
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    Wait who else should we ignore? I agree it gets old reading these takes all the time. (PM if you really don't want to call out anybody else)
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    We absolutely need to beat them while they're down. Could easily end up as our best road win. I have a feeling they'll get healthy down the stretch and at least end up as a couple quality victories (IF we can pull it off).
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    All Things 2019-2020 Other College Basketball Games Thread

    Ok St is a rough team to watch. Probably another game pointing out that there aren't any truly great teams this year. Hats off to Baylor for winning on the road, but that game wasn't exactly pretty for them either. Ok St had a chance after a missed free throw with about 20 seconds to tie but...
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    PP Article: Size Gophers football players turns heads in preseason camp... Gameday? Yet another discussion detailing the physical size increase coming into camp. Which of course is nice... However... This caught my attention the most. My bad if missed discussion of this...
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    Drake at ISU (actually a game?)

    No it's not basketball. In a weird rescheduling opportunity, Drake was up 24-20 on 24th Ranked ISU with a few minutes left in the 3rd quarter. ISU just went up 27-24. I know there's lots of good games tonight, but this is insane. This would be a bigger upset than App St over Michigan in my...
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    Nate Mason end of game situation

    I know this comes up all the time, but WHY wasn't the ball in Nate Mason's hands? I'm as much of a pollyana as it gets and I still couldn't believe it came down to that ugly fadeaway by Springs. Yes he made the layup on the follow, but I still want the ball with Mason in that situation. Huge...
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    Chances the Minnesota at Wisconsin game determines BTN Champion

    I couldn't help but imagine the chances that our final regular season game at Wisconsin directly affects the winner of the Big Ten. Obviously there is a decent amount of season left, but based on how close the top teams are, I see that game being their last "hurdle" to a Big Ten title. I would...
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    Today I am an Iowa fan

    I wanna see him and Big Joe make a good mafia movie sometime.
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    BYU Hanging Around vs Zags

    Gonzaga only up four at the half right now 35-31 @ BYU. The parity in college basketball is unreal right now. With Duke playing Miami on Saturday, the AP top 5 could potentially all lose this week. I do hope the Zags lose this one tonight. I think IU, Mich, or MSU would have a legitimate shot at...
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    Maturi's Contribion to Comedy

    Besides having our Gophers as the laughing stock of the NCAAs... My parents were able to speak with Maturi before the NDSU game at the UM Pharmacy Alumni event and learned that he coached Chris Farley in high school. I don't know if this was already known, but he was actually the man who the...
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