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    387 Days to Gophers vs Ohio State

    new schedule for next year??
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    JD Spielman. RTB?

    could he transfer to TCU but then after a month and maybe another health episode transfer easier back home to his home state?????
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    Drew Cove: Will St. Thomas' jump to D1 have any impact on the Gophers?

    i hope we can use them as a trial team. if a standout gets noticed we can bring them over to the bigs kind of like a JC but better as they will have some exposure to D!
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    Badgers to add crest logo to uniforms?

    refresh my memory is this a real thing that happened or just a photo shop add in that we are using to make fun of the all white school to the east?
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    Sid: The Gophers football program has never played a schedule that didn’t have a single nonconference opponent

    Bam another thing that has never happened and is I for one believe this is a good thing RTB SuM GG
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    Media Prediction Thread: Michigan at Minnesota

    His first name is huge middle name is A last name is Hole
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    Potential Big Ten-only schedule gaining steam?

    A lot of noise outside Minnesota saying the Uof MN is a school not excited to allow Fall sports
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    JD Spielman News

    what kind of pizza do you think JD orders?
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    Big Ten Power Rankings ahead of the 2020 season - MN #4

    too East heavy not the top three teams are in the East
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    All Things P.J. Fleck Rumor Mill Thread - Listed as Candidate for Other Jobs

    you are not going to get a Casey O'Brien at Notre Dame they had their "Rudy" and that will never happen again there Minnesota is a great place to do everything a coach could want if we open up the pocket books and place an importance on a winning program.
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    ESPN: Ranking college football's top 10 returning OL for 2020

    great memories! cant wait until we see them playing again
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    Will Maroon Madness become a tradition?

    Stop shopping at fleet farm where the color is lost after your 1st wash. its always been Maroon and it always will.
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    Jay Johnson new OC at MSU

    Well lakeville will now be a MSU lean for their players
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    Former PennState Run Game Coordinator/OL coach Matt Limegrover is expected to become a senior analyst at Michigan.

    dont forget if the clock is say 15 seconds left lets run a few motions, not just one but lets get the first guy to go in motion then have him set and then start another guy and then run up the middle leaving less than 2 seconds left int he game
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