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    Suggs craps on Pitino in strib article

    I didn’t want to create a new thread for this because it’s not Gopher related, but is Minnehaha related and thought some folks may find this of interest. It’s why Master P is here in Minnesota with his kids...
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    ***ALL THINGS JALEN SUGGS THREAD*** UPDATED 9/22: Gophers Offer Scholarship

    I thought the Minnehaha game against Bronny was going to be on ESPN tonight. Not showing it on the guide.
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    National perspective: Gophers=boys Auburn=Men

    Along these lines, neither the Rose Bowl nor the Sugar Bowl had our game in the halftime highlights (they showed the others). If the Outback Bowl was on CBS, I’d at least buy it to some degree. I guess we’re the Rodney Dangerfield of P5 football. :cool:
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    If Minnehaha Academy became a Division 1 College Basketball School....

    Too bad the state doesn’t still have that sweet 16 style playoff system from the mid-90’s. You’d have that Hoosiers type matchup possibility. You could have the coaches and/or sports writers vote on class champions at the end of the year, so there still would be class champions and one final...
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    Official -- it's the Outback Bowl vs. Auburn

    Sun Country has direct flights to Sarasota which isn’t too far from Tampa. Only issue is limited days they fly there.
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    For any Depeche Mode fans...

    This movie is playing at the AMC EP Mall Sunday night at 7:00:
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    a Poll on the odds PJ Fleck will be couching here fall of 2021

    Personally I'm saying 90%. I'm banking on my intuition that tells me he's a midwest guy, he likes the Twin Cities, loves living in a nice house on Lake Minnetonka during the summer, likes coaching a team in the B1G West division, doesn't want to restart a rebuild again so soon, and lastly wants...
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    Ryan Leaf on his love for Gophers football: 'I was the first one on the boat.'

    Pat Mc Affee a big fan, as well. Screen shot from the game tonight:
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    The next Enron?

    General Electric:
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    Rick Singer, of college admissions bribery fame, was employed at IMG Academy

    A WSJ subscription is probably required to read this. He was employed between 2003-2009. However, one of his key hires was Mark Riddell who was employed through this year (and stayed connected with Singer). Riddell plead guilty this April to accepting over $200,000 for cheating on SAT and ACT...
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    Does this represent the “off topic” board on occasion?

    Sorry if this has been posted previously, just came across it on Twitter tonight and cracked me up: By the way, can you imbed a tweet similar to a YouTube link? * Language warning if you’re at work *
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    Scott Adams class on internet trolling

    I found this pretty entertaining:
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    Which bowl?

    Speaking of Music City Bowl:
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    Official 2019 Recruiting Updates Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos, Stories, Rumors, etc.

    I believe he had 440 yards, as well. I may try and get to the sectional final game next Friday night.
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