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    Lawrence put with covid

    The Vikings are competitive once in awhile. I think it’s the Jets he is worried about drafting him.
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    What are you drinking for the game?

    I will be having a Yuengling or two. I need something to wash down my hot chili.......
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    Five easiest schedules in the Big Ten (#3. Minnesota)

    That's easy, Wisconsin has to play Minnesota.
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    River Flats - Tailgating

    You going to have a TV? If they tell you to leave, set up a tent and claim your homeless. It will take them awhile to figure out what to do and by that time the Gophers should have the jug.
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    Fan attendance

    I am guessing yes. Fry will even block off the Nicollet Mall for you.
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    Fan attendance

    Fans will be going to the game per channel 5. 800, family and a few friends from both teams.
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    Opt Out/Gone

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    Opt Out/Gone

    Does anyone really know what’s going on with Dunlap. I don’t see him on the roster!
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    Bateman wants back in per Pete Thamel

    what do we know on Dunlap. He is not listed on the roster.
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    ESPN: Most important game, Minnesota: 11/28 at Wisconsin

    PJ would probably say The NEXT One.
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    STrib: Gophers athletes will have day off from sports Nov. 3 so they can vote

    Mail in voting and now you want the day off to put it in a mailbox.
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    Can we talk about the important things?

    Got a coupon code from them. Was going to order a few things, but everything I wanted did not qualify for the sale . WTF
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    Big Ten Football in October?

    Just a guess by me, but there will be no Bowl season for the Big10.
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    Wake Forest to display emblems, ‘Black Lives Matter’ on helmets this season

    N No generalization there. Someone said, so must be true.
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