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    NYC Gopher Bars?

    I recently moved to NYC but it seems the alumni association is horrible at updating information. Does anyone know a good bar in the city to watch the game?
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    Free radio talkshow on GI
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    Possible new 2012 additon

    Haven't seen this posted anywhere, I apologize if it has but rivals has a free article about a punter from Australia we are pursuing.
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    Jordan Fields

    Saw on GI that we offered Central Michigan commit Jordan Fields. Anyone know anything about this guy?
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    Stream available?

    Anyone know of a link for the game?
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    For a fan base that fancies themselves knowledgable...

    The Iowa boards are pretty funny. They seem to be confused about end zone touchdown rules and Gray's TD run.
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    Help finding a link

    Recently I saw a link for an article that stated OU has been told by the B10 that it would not consider it's acceptance into the conference because of academic shortfalls. I can't find this article anymore, can someone help me? Thanks
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    Rodneys dunk

    I missed sportscenter. does anyone have a link to it?
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    And give your foot to Nolen please
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    does anyone know where i can find a stream of the game tonight?
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    Stream available?

    I unfortunately have a funeral that I need to go to on friday and thus will miss the gopher game. I was wondering if there will be a stream somewhere that I could watch? Edit - by stream I mean recording.
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    Could this affect recruiting?

    Last night there was a university student who was shot in the chest outside Centennial Hall on campus as stated in a university alert. In the past four years that I have been a student, violence has been present but always seemed to be on the perhiphery. Lately, it seems like crime is...
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    everyone should read this

    whats with everyone freaking out about the football team? this board is actually painful to read now because every time i log on there are posts proclaiming redshirt freshmen as underachievers, throwing brewster and his coaching staff under the bus and everywhere people that don't understand...
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    People need to relax

    before this season started, I think everyone who is at least partially grounded in reality would agree that with the tougher schedule (Cal, @PSU, @OSU, @Iowa) a 6-6 finish would not be heartbreaking. Now, we have 1 week left of the regular CFB season, and we have the chance to finish 7-5. Me...
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    Game Replay

    does anyone know when the MSU game will be replayed on the B10 network?
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