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    Do I dare put up a Trump sign?

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    Bierut...What the? Check This Explosion Out

    Some people really are dumb enough to believe the Daily Beast in an election year. Actually have to see it to believe it.
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    Pre-existing conditions

    Sad thing is nearly all pre-existing conditions are optional and the result of poor lifestyle decisions.
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    The new Corona virus, should we worry?

    They haven't damaged their immune systems as much. A compromised immune ststem is a choice if you have a doctor that communicates the facts. Unfortunately most doctors do not know or they ignore the facts. Drug companies at the core of the problem. BigPharma.
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    The new Corona virus, should we worry?

    This is about chronic diseases and compromised immune systems. The ignored factor that is the single most important factor in combatting corona virus and cancer. I saw a recent article by Dr Sanjay Gupta who appears to have just discovered the existence of T cells. Now he has heard of them, but...
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    Trump is Terrified - Stepien Wants More Debates and Sooner

    Worse than that. Trump is sooo scared that he crapped in your pants. SMH.
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    The new Corona virus, should we worry?

    Who should get it first? All the progressive communists as they are vital to this country. It is going to be the first mRNA vaccine used on humans. Hurry and get it guys! BTW, don't bother to research mRNA vaccine. None of you commies are smart enough to understand. Just take the damn vaccine ASAP.
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    Reopen Schools?

    You should have been a social worker. This science and math stuff is way too hard for you. We don't need any more bridge collapses either.
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    What did the Mpls PD just tweet?

    Just give them your Iphone, wallet, keys, and maybe your wife and tell them to have a nce day. A Minnesota Nice day. You have earned this.
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    The new Corona virus, should we worry?

    There is evidence that Floyd had applied for a new job as a counterfeiter. It seems he didn't make it past the interview.
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    What did the Mpls PD just tweet?

    Minneapolis was built into a once great city by other people. They were proud Americans. Current residents have rebuilt it into Mogadishu. Congrats, you have destroyed the town. This afternoon a produce farmer came up to me and said, your from Minnesota, aren't you? Sheepishly I admitted that...
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    What did the Mpls PD just tweet?

    Responses from 3 of the top people who deserve it. Can't even navigate communications et alone thnk critically.
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    Marcus Carr withdraws from the NBA draft

    YESSS!!!! Now please have a season.
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    What did the Mpls PD just tweet?

    You are getting eactly what you deserve.
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