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    Yale epidemiologists finds that Medicare for All would save more than 68,000 and $450 billion

    Were these Chinese Epidemiologists? They seem to be doing an outstanding job!
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    Obama Going Into Comedy?

    The Rs aided the slow recovery.
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    Yale epidemiologists finds that Medicare for All would save more than 68,000 and $450 billion

    The medical field is not an honorable profession. They cure very few people. They mask symptoms with drug after drug. How many people get off their prescriptions without dying? That is the bottom line.
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    Liberals getting desperate over losing courts.

    Emergency meeting of Federal Judges over being removed from The Swamp. Dirty cops, dirty judges. 4 more years!
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    Aimless Amy Klobuchar, Couldn’t Name Mexican President During Telemundo Interview

    I have told you for years that Amy is just a deer caught on the headlights.
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    DOJ will not charge ex-FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, a frequent Trump target - they found out Trump was the liar and not McCabe

    Finally a post that makes even a partial point. Not one has mentioned the points of significance in this. If you want to know what they are PM me, but only Costa. I think you likely know but avoided opening those cans of worms. May be a great time saving move not kicking those dogs.
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    2020 Democrat Presidential Candidate News...

    We don't know anything except who has run out of money and dropped out before the morning of March 4th. Bloomberg has the big mo down here, Dropped hundreds of million already. Getting the big endorsements.
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    New Hampshire Primary

    She has a chance of the DNC decide she is the candidate to sacrifice. Yes a Yankee, unlike Weekend, Bloomberg, BootyGig, Biden, Warren, and the rest. Thank for your analysis, Einstein.
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    New Hampshire Primary

    Which is NO CHANCE!
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    New Hampshire Dem debate.

    Glad she got enough to fly her fuel guzzling private jet home.
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    Mullah Omar

    Some of the posters here are just as unAmerican as Omar. She fully reflects them.
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    2020 Democrat Presidential Candidate News...

    The DNC knows that a Weekend candidacy will brand them as the Communist Party. Weekend is indeed a communist. He doesn't truthfully deny it. However, a Socialist branding doesn't offend them. The smart Dems know they can not beat Trump barring an unexpected event, even to them. They just do not...
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    POTUS proclaims himself a "very stable genius" "being, like, really smart.”

    Is that the place where they have straight vampires?
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    Eric Ciaramella

    He outed somethg about the Clintons?
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