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    Bateman wants back in per Pete Thamel

    There has been nothing on GI about Dunlap tearing an ACL.
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    Bateman wants back in per Pete Thamel

    Jalen Mayfield cleared and he signed with an agent
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    Gophers #25 in ESPN Power Index

    I'd argue it's not opinion bias and past results, more just recruiting rankings and PSU and Auburn usually get 10 classes while ours are in the 30-50 range so those teams get the benefit of the doubt because they just plug in a 4 or 5 star when they lose a guy to the NFL, we plug in a 3 star...
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    Bateman wants back in per Pete Thamel

    Michigan fans sure seem to think so. Of course our guess is as good as theirs.
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    Bateman wants back in per Pete Thamel

    Mayfield is also in the same position as Bateman. Wants to come back but hired an agent and needs a waiver to play. This tweet could be Mayfield hinting he just got good news which if that is the case, likely means we should be getting good news about Rashod soon.
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    Rondale Moore coming back

    It's not a guarantee but just from my experience the last 10 years of looking at who teams bring back in the preseason, I'd say more often than not if a team brings back 9 or 10 starters on one side of the ball, they are usually better than the year before as long as they don't get ravaged with...
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    Rondale Moore coming back

    After looking at who they get back, Purdue should be much better on D than they were last year. They return 9 starters on D plus get DT Lorenzo Neal back who missed all of last year but was a projected first rounder by many before that. They also get a really nice Uconn transfer DB who had...
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    Hopefully between now and October 24th. marcus Carr didn’t get the news about his waiver until two games after the season already started.
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    Rondale Moore coming back

    They should have easily the best WR corps in the Big Ten and one of the best in the country behind only Bama and maybe USC. I know it's popular to rip on Purdue with Brohm and the recent negative recruiting indecent but they should be really fun to watch next year and I am really excited to...
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    [Poll] Which game will be the easiest?

    Maryland. Northwestern at least was able to get a quality transfer QB in Ramsay.
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    Initial B1G win projections, per SP+ (Minnesota 5.1)

    Gophers will be favored against Nebraska, Iowa is the coin flip.
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    Bateman wants back in per Pete Thamel

    Rashod practiced with the team today!
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    Bateman wants back in per Pete Thamel

    We should start a new thread on this so people can see. Would need a waiver.
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    The Athletic: The most intriguing men’s college basketball players for the 2020-21 season (#23. Both Gach, Minnesota)

    I’m expecting for Gach to be a lot more than just a glue guy, I think he’ll be the second leading scorer on the team and be a high usage guy and also a guy who may take the last shot on the team depending on if he or Carr has the hit hand. Tre Williams and Brandon Johnson are more what I...
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