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    Something About the Water in State College, PA?

    No one is saying she cant say it...but there are repercussions to doing so. It is no different than being fired for making racist statements. Freedom of speech has never been absolute.
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    Anyone worried?

    I do I teach them (as does my GF and several of my friends) and you are wrong.
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    Parts of sports movies that disappointed you

    From Wiki: "The climax of the movie is a fictionalized 1971 AAA state championship football game between T. C. Williams and George C. Marshall High School. The dramatic license taken in the movie was to convert what was actually a mid-season match-up between T. C. Williams and Marshall into a...
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    Fleck Spring practice presser

    To be fair though, no one would have thought that Morgan was a Top 5-10 QB in the country last year at this time either. (I am not saying anyone will beat him out just saying things can change)
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    Hypothetical question...

    Every few years? Pitino has been here for 7 years he isnt being fired on a whim because of one bad season. Pitino will be a good coach at a smaller school...he will not be a successful Power 5 coach unless he changes everything about his style. (from recruiting to in game decisions)
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    Minnesota Head Basketball Coach Want List

    By that logic no coach should be fired ever because you never know if a move will be "lateral" or "better". (or worse for that matter) If you are afraid to make a mistake, you arent the one who should be making the decisions. If you have a coach that no one else would want in your conference...
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    ESPN: Grand Valley State suspends OC Morris Berger for wanting meal with Adolf Hitler

    Free Speech is hindered all the time. There is no such thing as unfettered Freedom of Speech. And no one here is advocating for him to have his freedom of speech taken away. That is a ridiculous straw man people use to try and make themselves sound educated and on the right side of the issue...
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