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    Fleck: "I think we can be a really good football team next year."

    It was an exhibition season. It was an exhibition season. It was an exhibition season. Winning the West would have been fun but deserving of an asterisk. So playing imperfectly also deserves an asterisk. Enjoy the items that were enjoyable (Mo, last Bateman games, 18 tackle Sori-Marin game)...
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    Gophers likely to decline bowl invitation if offered per Greder

    Virtually every bowl projection has the Gophers in a bowl. Seems a lot of teams made proactive statements that they would not accept a bowl bid already. I would think the NCAA and ESPN would have needed a commitment by some deadline (late last night?). I would have let the players decide. In...
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    Gophers just played WI evenly at their place. We saw a few new receivers make plays. Much of the recent past WI would just wear MN down - there seemed to be an obvious talent difference on the lines. I didn’t see that today. WI won. They don’t look any better though. Looking forward to next year.
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    The Dinkytown McDonald's has closed: Remembering the U of M's golden arches

    Thanks HopHead for the link to Al’s. Without any games to attend I hadn’t made a trip to Al’s this year. That is one place that is hard to be socially distant. Turns out Al’s has some menu items that make nice gifts. Not the same to make Al’s pancakes at home, but hopefully with a little help...
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    Gopher Sports and Expectations

    I’m making no judgments on this year. Consider it an exhibition season. Not sure that they should be playing at all but it has been a nice escape when they do play.
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    Rosebowl facility

    I would like to see a list that was P5 venues only as I don’t hold those other schools to the same standard. Like covered above, the list isn’t just about the stadium itself. I’d have Illinois and Purdue listed - they are no better than Maryland. Nebraska is a good atmosphere though the...
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    Clear PI

    Several very obvious holding calls that were missed that made the late PI seem like a reasonable payback.
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    [POST GAME THREAD] Iowa defeats Minnesota 35 - 7

    Why would a tight end go to Minnesota? I hate Ferentz but even his boring offense has some variation. I’m not sure why PJ gets psyched out against IA year after year.
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    All Things COVID-19 College Football Impact

    Some hopeful news.
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    Do you think think the Gophers will play games in 2020?

    The main point the CDC chart displayed above tells us is that current fatality counts are incomplete - as numbers continue to be updated several months later. The ‘it’s the flu’ crowd would know that deaths are undercounted as the CDC regularly updates figures upward for flu related fatalities...
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    Do you think think the Gophers will play games in 2020?

    The pandemic is a very tough foe. But, the US results are due to either incompetent leadership or seemingly worse - malevolent leadership at the top. We didn’t have to be in the position we are in nor should we have essentially given up trying to control the virus. Losing football is a rather...
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    Sid: It seems like the University of Minnesota is preparing to have fans in the stands for the 2020 football season

    The younger, healthier can go to the game approach works only if those fans stay isolated. The risk is that transmission occurs at the game and the virus moves from one community to another which will include at risk populations. We value personal liberty, but we do live in communities. You may...
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    Big Ten Expects To Have All 14 Schools Ready For College Football This Fall

    I have visions of the best Gopher Football performance in 60 years and a trip to Indy and the Rose Bowl. But no live fans see any of it. If the Gophers win the Big Ten and no one is there to see it does it count?
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    Favorite moment of the 19-20 season

    Everything Casey. Drama drama drama in preseason but winning. Nervous but slaying the likes of Purdue, NE, MD. Creme de la creme - Mid November and we were still discussing National Championship scenarios. Alas, still need a Rose Bowl. Been saying ‘wait til next year’ for over four decades and...
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