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    2020-2021 College Basketball Other Games Thread

    Spartens are playing pretty tough D. That usually helps a lot.. I watched the Nebraska game and the Huskers were also very good defensively that night. You gotta defend in the Big Ten!
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    Starting Lineup and Minutes the Rest of the Way

    Seems like the Gophers as a team have had about 10 of those this season.
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    Didn't the big 2nd half comeback against Maryland the other day come primarily with-out a 5 on the floor for Minnesota? Of course, the defensive intensity by the whole team also picked up significantly during that segment of the game, so that might have been the key. If Ihnen can come up...
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    I Got a Feeling - That Today's Gonna Be a Gabe Day

    Didn't get a chance to watch the game yesterday, just the little highlights package. It was nice to see Gabe get some shots down. A couple of those 3's looked like he had a defender pretty close by, but he was locked in. What I'm really interested in though, is which of the Purdue wings was...
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    Jim Jackson out coaching Pitino

    Yeah, you're right. Even more so, it gives you an idea of each players positioning in a team (help) concept, prior to their guy getting the ball, which most coaches will agree that in most cases, it's the work you're doing before your guy gets the ball that can make or break a defensive...
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    Jim Jackson out coaching Pitino

    I'm thinking that if I get some time this week, I may try to go through the game-by-game stats of all the wings that Gabe K. has guarded this season. Long work hours may prevent that, so if one of you retired guys wants to dedicate an hour to that, I'd welcome the effort. Something tell me...
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    Craig Smith

    I guess it’s always seemed weird for me to try and get inside the head of somebody I don’t know and point out all the factors that should make them take one action or the other when it’s impossible for me to know if any of the factors I consider to be important even rank in their top 20...
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    Craig Smith

    I'm getting a little kick out of all the trying to guess what all these other coaches might be thinking and trying to project what we believe they should be thinking in terms of leaving their current situation to jump into another (our) situation. Kinda like when we try to project our feelings...
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    If Pitino had any guts.....

    When a perfectly decent joke goes over the poor dude's head! lol :rolleyes:
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    If Pitino had any guts.....

    I'd be curious as to who, specifically, you think those players are and what they are doing every day to make you think they are the guys? Or maybe you're thinking that the whole team needs to be jettisoned and 12 new guys brought in?
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    B1G Game 10: Gophers Host Purdue (1-28-21)

    Haven't had a chance to watch all of the games, but in watching the last two I concur with coach Whalen's statement that this team has really grown in the last couple of weeks. Obviously, they still have a long ways to go, but as compared to their first 3-4 games of the season, they are much...
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    Both Gach

    That's a valid question. However, it's tough to put a timetable on breaking/developing habits or building confidence. Just speaking from personal experience, it happens when it happens for some people, no matter what other people might be trying to do in an effort to help you. In my head...
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    Both Gach

    Is it possible that Tre is getting lots of reps in practice every week and not showing the consistency needed for me to trust that he's going to do the right things if I stick him in a game? In watching him this season, we've all seen that some games, he's OK, but other games, he's just not...
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    Both Gach

    I don't see a lack of will or desire. I'm in agreement that his biggest issue right now seems to be a lack of confidence. I see a lot of "Unsure" in his game since the Big 10 season started. Somebody mentioned his rebounding (not a lot of thinking involved there, just go get the ball) is fine...
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    Why the Gophers could be in line for a high seed in the NCAA Tournament

    I'm probably in the minority here, but man, where we get seeded at tournament time isn't even on my radar right now. I'm more focused putting together 5-6 really well played games in a row in the books, and making sure we're healthy and playing our best basketball in the last 2 weeks of the...
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