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    STrib: Minnesota talent ready to make unprecedented impact in NBA draft

    This is all fair and reasonable, but I wish this sort of context would be applied to our own in-state recruiting. There are people mad that we didn't get Tyrell Terry when we already had Isaiah Washington and Marcus Carr on the roster. Apparently Tyler Wahl was a miss even though Isaiah Ihnen...
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    Gophers AD Mark Coyle looking for ‘next step’ from Richard Pitino’s basketball team

    From what I recall, his finalists were Butler, Creighton, Minnesota, and Xavier. Three small, private, religious institutions and one of the largest public schools in the country. And with regard to Tubby losing him, I think Macura was a late bloomer and wasn’t considered a high major prospect...
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    All Things Class of 2020 Recruiting Thread

    That's kinda where I'm at. It seems like the complaints about in-state recruiting are often very surface-level, just kinda like "there's good players in Minnesota, and we just gotta have 'em!" with little regard for position or fit, which players left our roster at what time, what part of the...
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    All Things Kerwin Walton Recruitment Thread (Class of 2020)

    Most coaches don’t get most of the players they offer. Many more misses than hits for everyone.
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    Marcus: Hitting on a big-time transfer would put Gophers right in the middle of the pack of BT

    We were 12-10 two thirds of the way through the season after beating Wisconsin, with a decent shot at making the tournament. We then lost several games by slim margins. I think it was the right call to do our best to try to win those games and get to the tournament instead of rolling out the...
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    Transfer list possibilities, Spring 2020

    People dumping on Pitino for his spring recruiting have crossed the line from thoughtful, objective criticism into blind hatred. There’s been a few guys who weren’t great but we’ve also had at least 4 spring recruits earn some sort of all conference honor, and others who were at least regular...
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    All Things 2020 College Basketball Coach Hired/Fired Thread

    Evansville beat #1 Kentucky in Lexington in their second game of the season, only to end up going 0-18 in conference and losing the first game of their conference tournament to finish 9-23.
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    Oturu doesn’t make first team All-Big Ten

    Tre Jones is entirely irrelevant to this thread though. He doesn’t even play in the Big Ten, and was likely only brought up as a potshot at the program and Pitino.
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    Justin Gaard wants MN to keep Pitino

    I got the feeling that those predictions had us in the dregs of the conference, being just slightly less terrible than Northwestern and Nebraska, having no hope of competing with teams like Maryland or Ohio State, and not sniffing Tournament projections at any point over the course of the...
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    Fire Pitino

    I’m pretty sure that winning close games is something that very few teams, if any, are able to consistently do in the long run. Winning close games is not a skill, it’s a matter of chance. Sometimes you make the big play, and sometimes your opponent does.
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    Without trying to go too far off topic, I think it’s very far from a guarantee Pitino gets fired if we end up on the wrong side of the bubble. Ryan James’ preview of this game I think said Iowa has one win away from home this year, and that they give up an average of 86 points on the road...
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    Capacity Williams Arena Crowds - Pitino era

    I think there were a ton of Wisconsin fans in that 2014-15 game because they clinched the Big Ten championship by winning that game. They were exceptionally good that year and we were exceptionally bad, so they were probably pretty confident in getting a win.
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    Sid: Local hoops talent

    Marcus Carr would appear to be one of those nine. At 15.7 points, 5.8 rebounds, and 6.7 assists, Carr is putting up more points, rebounds, and assists per game than any guard listed here. You could knock on him for efficiency, as he appears to have a lower eFG% than all of Wright, Terry, and...
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    Predictions for last 7 games...

    Kentucky and North Carolina have both accepted NIT invites in the last 15 years on the rare occasions they don’t make the NCAA Tournament. Turning down the CBI I understand, though I remember Purdue accepting a bid around 2012 or so.
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    Field of 68: Gophers Sit Roughly 5 Spots Below Bubble Cutline

    Are Ohio State and Michigan still comfortably in because of quality non-conference wins? Purdue up above the bubble after beating Iowa?
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