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    Ranking the Big Ten’s top-5 September matchups on its newly released schedule (2. Minnesota at Wisconsin)

    I mean it would be nice if Wisconsin didn’t get by Nebraska. But then we’d probably have to deal with a full speed Nebraska media hype train. 🤔
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    Big Ten Football Schedule Released (Gophers open with Michigan State)

    I would have thought the same, but when the other options are Indiana, Purdue, @Illinois, Northwestern, and @Maryland, I don’t think it’s ridiculous to say @Michigan State is tougher than all of those. Might be wrong though, Indiana was pretty good last year, I don’t think Purdue is a complete...
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    Seth Davis on Pitino at MN: "before the fans run him out of the job, perhaps they should consider whom the school might find who would do any better."

    That depends on if you count the Big Ten tournament and NIT as post season wins. I’d say an NIT bid is roughly equivalent to, if not a greater accomplishment than, going to a low tier bowl game in Detroit with a 5-7 record.
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    Seth Davis on Pitino at MN: "before the fans run him out of the job, perhaps they should consider whom the school might find who would do any better."

    The same was said about Tubby when he was fired, “how can Minnesota expect to do better?” Looking back, I think both Tubby and Pitino were capable of better results than they got, and both of them had seasons derailed by untimely injuries and personnel losses. For Tubby, it’s Royce White never...
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    NBA Draft as it Might Affect Marcus Carr

    I remember Illinois fans being concerned about Ayo being one and done. Coming back for a third year surprises me a bit. They’ll probably be pretty strong this season in that case. Would rather they win the Big Ten than Wisconsin or Iowa.
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    Big Ten Football: Predicting the Biggest Upsets in 2020 (9. MSU over MN, Oct. 31; 7. Neb over MN, Nov. 27; 4. Illinois over MN, Oct. 24)

    Not that I think losing to Michigan State is particularly likely, but do we know yet if it's a coaching downgrade? I know Dantonio was the one who brought them from from that 5 to 7 win territory to 10 to 12 wins, but from what I heard, his assistants were kind of dragging him down at the end...
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    All Things Kendall Brown Recruitment Thread (Class of 2021: UPDATE - Gophers Offer)

    Why do people get upset when 5 star recruits leave the state? Why is there this expectation that top shelf players with offers from top shelf programs will come to our middling power conference team? Why do people act like there’s this long running pattern of surefire NBA level talent that...
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    CFN: Big Ten Preseason College Football Head Coach Rankings (4. PJ Fleck, Minnesota)

    The love for Fitzgerald probably comes from the perception that Northwestern is arguably the hardest job in the Big Ten, and that fielding a team that is bowl eligible more often than not and even actually gets to the top 25 sometimes at that school must take some incredible coaching wizardry...
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    All Things Kendall Brown Recruitment Thread (Class of 2021: UPDATE - Gophers Offer)

    The third top 100 player to commit to Baylor in a week. Baylor now has the #1 2021 recruiting class in the country.
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    Max Christie to MSU.

    On it's own, I don't mind it being posted here. Another team in the Gophers' conference got a big time recruit, I'm okay with that being posted here. If I had been following recruiting as close as I sometimes do, I might have posted in the 2021 recruiting thread to mention that another Big Ten...
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    Rasir Bolton: Why I chose to leave Penn State. (A Noose Around My Neck)

    It could be seen as a backhanded compliment, like expressing surprise that a female technician was able to fix your car, or that a man can be a competent parent. Telling black people that they’re well spoken can come across as having an expectation that black people generally speak poor or...
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    All Things Will Tschetter Recruitment Thread

    We have Treyton Thompson already, so I’m not too worried. I would have probably been okay with getting him. Ryan James seemed to believe he and Treyton could have played on the court at the same time, but I didn’t feel a second big was a significant need. Still early in the recruiting cycle...
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    Golden Domers

    Also the California Golden Bears. Marquette doesn’t play football, but they’re the Golden Eagles.
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    Tim McCormick gives his rankings of Big Ten coaches (Bottom Four: Collins, Pitino, Chambers and Underwood)

    The first part of this sentence just isn’t really based in fact. I still don’t really get where the idea that Tubby was bad at in state recruiting comes from. He got just about every in state player he offered. Best argument you could make against him is that Jones, Vaughn, and Travis, who...
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