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    43 Years Ago Today: Michigan 0 - 16 Minnesota

    I was hunting grouse near Park Rapids, difficult spot to get a radio signal. We concluded about mid afternoon and found 'CCO, Ray mentioned the Gophers up 16 - 0. I was SO stunned and SO mad I had missed that game. Then I just smiled.
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    SI: Hot Seat Odds: Who will be the First Coach Fired in Each Conference? (Big Ten: 1. Lovie Smith 2/1; 10. Fleck 25/1)

    Unless Fleck is running a pedophile ring (has Q-Anon gotten on that story?) there is zero chance he would be fired from Minnesota.
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    Bateman opting out of 2020 Football Season

    The stupid things folks say on the internet. Yours ranks right up there mr. shithead.
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    Kirk Herbstreit gets emotional on ESPN today (video)

    So sad this even has to be said but it does. I'm officially a member of the Kirk Herbstreit fan club. By the way, bring game day back to Minnesota!!!
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    2nd Pizza Commercial by Fleck, ending is somewhat comical.

    Fleck looks pretty trim so I'm thinking he is NOT buying the product.
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    Dunlap enters transfer portal

    Too bad, seemed like a good man. Best of luck.
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    STrib: P.J. Fleck says delay of season should improve Gophers' depth

    What Fleck sees for the Gophers should also be true for the competition the Gophers will face. There is a potential for a number of high quality teams playing each other in 2021. It could be one of the great football seasons of all time in the Big Ten.
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    How much $ will the U lose due to Covid-19?

    $62,731,034.75, plus or minus a couple of thousand. I know a guy, who knows a guy.......
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    It's Official - The Big Ten has postponed its fall football season

    Very disappointing news. This will be remembered as a year of "what ifs" involving sports, the economy, our democratic institutions, schools, religious gatherings, race, nothing has gone untouched. My passion for college football is almost boundless, but I will move on and discover a new...
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    If football is pushed to spring, does that impact the start of the 2021 traditional fall season?

    Bleed, I'm thinking a 6 game schedule would not prevent a full schedule in the fall. I wonder if the seniors on the team would play a spring season? That might be a tough call for them.
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    Official offer Ortiz- Pretty cool

    So when I use my sniveling voice when I read Ruesse I'm okay?
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    Fleck interview on Big Ten Network.

    Good message for the Gopher class of 2021 and 2022 and beyond. Parents pay close attention to these interviews. PJ gave them his A game.
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    Big Ten Football Schedule Released (Gophers open with Michigan State)

    The Gophers could win all their games this year. In my life time, I've never been able to honestly say that about a Gopher team. Will they? Actually, I doubt they will be playing any games at all.
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