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    USA TODAY: Dabo has 'zero doubt' football will start on time

    There will be no college football this fall. Are you stupid Dabo? A second wave of the covid-19 would hit the country causing even more economic pain. When we have a vaccine, then some sense of normalcy will return. Not before.
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    What do you predict will happen to the 2020 college football season?

    I would be quite surprised if there is a football season this fall. There is some indication the covid-19 virus might be mutating into another form, one which would not be recognized by the antibodies for those that fought off this current one. If you could ask the soldiers who stormed the...
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    KSTP Video: Fleck: 'We can get through this and be better because of it'

    Football player at Minnesota, football fan of Minnesota, or human being just hanging out, be safe and be careful. Covid-19 is serious, take precautions. We're in this together, ski-u-mah and row the boat.
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    Larry Johnson Sr. to Make $1.13M as Ohio State DL Coach in 2020

    The perfect place to have stopped. Do you have any idea how many position coaches there have been in the history of college football? Me neither. Your hyperbole surprises a bit, you seem better grounded than that.
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    Northwestern looking at a USC grad transfer QB; former four-star

    Wouldn't a degree from Northwestern look better on your wall than one from Indiana University?
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    oops -- wrong forum

    I once pulled a thread and my sleeve fell off.
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    Mack Brown Recruiting

    We may have a bingo!
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    Mack Brown Recruiting

    I know Mack Brown and you sir, are no Mack Brown.
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    U of M Alumni in Arizona - meeting unabashed football booster Joan Gabel

    This is from a thread I posted earlier today: The university administration lacked the commitment needed for successful athletic programs, according to some athletic administrators and coaches. Boston said that during his tenure as AD, several athletes told him they couldn't wear their letter...
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    Looking at the Archives: A Farewell to the Dome

    For the younger members of this board, I think you'll find this an enlightening piece, especially in light of the Gopher's current success. I lived through it and had forgotten how Holtz was a major influence in the Gophers staying at the Dome. For Gophers, Metrodome went from blessing to...
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    Fleck post practice video

    Interesting press conference. Oliver was not mentioned. Faalele and Zach? Who knows? I'm thinking this team is going to be really good. But then again, I'm a fan.
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    ESPN: Wide Receiver tiers in the draft

    First of all, people in the NFL are liars. Ask who they like and they will pull out an extensive list of players NOT on their draft board. NFL scounts, GMs, and personnel people make the CIA look like a transparent organization. Okay, so if NOBODY likes TJ, then by my twisted logic he goes in...
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