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    Body Language

    Pitino's lasting image here for me is going to be him just sitting there in his chair while Carr nonchalantly brought the ball up the floor with the clock ticking and the game on the line.
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    At least I can flip over to FSN to watch a real basketball team in action. Oh, wait.
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    Dennis Gates... He's my pick.

    I don't know if there's any way to find this out, but how involved was Gates in recruiting at FSU? Did he just get in the door and Hamilton came in and closed the deal? If you want to play the chasing star ratings game, FSU has been pretty damn impressive over the past 10 years, signing 5...
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    POLL! - Who will be the next Gopher MBB Coach

    I realize I'm jaded due to being kicked in the nuts by the Gophers for 4 decades, but I can't shake the feeling that the next head coach is someone I'm going to have to look up on Wikipedia after they're announced as the new head coach.
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    NDSU football getting creamed right now by the Salukis

    Were they chanting, "We want Bama" again?
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    Doogie: Coyle knows this can't go on. They (Coyle and Pitino) met on Friday.

    Did they let him fly home on the team plane so as to not incur the Wrath of Doogie?
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    Next Gopher Head Coach

    Yeah. Right. Sort of.
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    Does it really matter at this juncture?
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    Awful chippy for a game between a cellar dweller and a team in total freefall.
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    What will you miss about Richard Pitino?

    A lot of people seem to think he's a nice guy. After nearly a decade, if the best thing I can say about a coach is that he is a nice guy, well...
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    If you could choose any coach in the country to coach the Gophers...

    I like Bob Huggins. Yes, I am aware that he's a total dirtball.
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    Next Gopher Head Coach

    I'd be happy with Dutcher or Musselman, but I think people way overrate the "dad" angle. Sometimes a man likes to walk his own path in life and not step in his father's footprints.
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    Seth Green in Transfer Portal

    Young man's leaving with a Masters and did whatever the team asked of him. Thanks for being a Gopher and good luck!
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    Timberwolves fire former Gopher Ryan Saunders

    He also played for one of the best coaches in the NBA. And he didn't seem to mind seeing him get traded.
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