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    Both Gach

    He can definitely knock down the corner three and RP should be game planning to get him more of those shots. I also wish he would take more pull-up jumpers instead of the running one-handers he rarely makes. He has a lot more to give this team. Ditto Ihnen. Its Pitinos job to unlock these guys.
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    All Things Chet Holmgren Recruitment Thread (Class of 2021, Gophers Have Offered)

    He really should not get drafted but probably will. The Duke rep probably will help in in that regard. He would seem a better fit for overseas.
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    2020-2021 College Basketball Other Games Thread

    Lets see if the refs help Dook get in the win column.
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    Liam Robbins

    Disappointed in his use rate this season but hard to argue that Johnson should not start. Ihnen still a critical piece this year and absolutely essential for a good season next year. Next year is his year.
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    Dakich has a great b-ball mind, but he's too opinionated and too critical of individual players (though most of what he says as a strong element of truth). We all know Carr tries to do too much (at times) and takes bad shots (at times), but what Dakich fails to understand is that this mindset...
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    Donation page to extend Pitino - UPDATED (1/16) - 23 More Years !

    Beating a ranked team on the road is not that important. Hold serve at home as much as possible and find a couple road wins against whomever. FYI, if the Gophers go 14-6 per the unrealistic post above, I could easily see Pitino leaving for Miami (Laranaga is done) or another gig. Y'all can have...
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    Donation page to extend Pitino - UPDATED (1/16) - 23 More Years !

    This is simply not realistic.
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    Liam Robbins

    Ihnen needs to stop shooting 3s and drive to the hoop. He could contribute much more if he'd be more aggressive and leverage his length. Ditto Williams.
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    Liam Robbins

    Liam has the best 3-pt percentage because he consistently takes quality 3-pt shots in rhythm. Johnson also takes quality 3-pt shots for the most part. The others take wild, often contested shots.
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    Shama: Pitino’s career record in BT regular season road games is 14-55; U alum Brian Dutcher has won 13 straight regular season road games

    Go ahead and hire Dutcher then. The MWC The MWC is no B1G. Not at all convinced he would be able to recruit and be successful here at age 61. FWIW I think the Gophers next basketball coach should be an African-American.
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    Taking a knee at Iowa.

    What were your hopes and expectations for this post?
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    2020-2021 College Basketball Other Games Thread

    Michigan just destroyed the Gophers in the first 5 minutes of the 2nd half--and beyond. They guarded very tight and the Gophers just unraveled. In fact, the Gophers have been consistently whipped in the first five minutes after halftime on the road. There is a leadership/coaching component to...
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    Nebraska hoops on pause

    Games with Nebraska will likely be played. I am concerned about if/when Mr. Covid visits the Gophers. Stay clean, boys.
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    3 Point Shooting

    Is the poor 3-pt shooting primarily a matter of poor shooters or poor offensive execution/spacing/passing? Do these guys (Trey, Gabe, Ihnen, Mashburn) hit them in warmups? I guess its hard to know during Covid. One thing is for sure though, our boys like to chuck 3s, outcome be damned.
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    John Shipley: Gophers’ Richard Pitino has built a good team, but the blueprint isn’t sustainable

    I was waiting for someone to post this. The formula to win at MN is exactly a mix of in-state, well-scouted OOS, and transfers, so it has to be sustainable.
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