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    Both Gach

    Gach has his moments. He had his moments at Utah too. Agree with Built that I don't know if his bball IQ or skill level are representative of a player that has all-league potential. He's hashtag long and athletic but its Big 10 basketball, not track and field. At this point I think he is what...
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    Treyton Thompson

    Thompson has underwhelmed me when I've seen him play with his old HS team and AAU team but he does seem to fit the mold of a solid role-playing big. His mobility defensively is something to work with. And while he's not strong, he's so long and quick off his feet that he can be useful as a...
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    2021 Defensive Line

    There are a lot of, at least in theory, playable DTs on that list. If Treadway is back (I wasn't sure on him given how old he is), you've got him, the two transfers, Cheney, Schad, Carter and Richter. Might honestly not be a bad idea to adopt some heavy DL rotation with three of those guys on...
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    2021 Offensive Line

    Nice to have a good idea of not only what the 2021 line will look like but also the 2022 offensive line won't be as decimated with the Utah State transfer having three years of eligibility, Dunlap likely being back for what would be a senior year and Ersery looking like a potential player down...
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    2020-2021 College Basketball Other Games Thread

    When you put it like that I guess that does seem preposterous. It's so far out of the realm of my imagination...but I'd like to find out how I'd feel about it.
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    2020-2021 College Basketball Other Games Thread

    Who knew, hair was the secret to Shaka figuring it out at Texas. In all seriousness, Texas looks so good. They have grinders on the perimeter and a trio of silly-athletic big guys who make life hell for opposing offensive players. Texas Tech is awesome too. Curious how long Beard stays there...
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    2020-2021 College Basketball Other Games Thread

    Living in Fargo, I subscribe to this way of thinking as well. The town shuts down when NDSU football plays and the game, for all intents and purposes, is over by the halfway point of the 2nd quarter in most instances. I'm not a Bison fan, but I'll watch other college football teams I don't care...
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    List of Players Returning and Departing for 2021

    Could the Gophers beat Alabama if they were allowed to have a 12th guy on the field? Both sides of a ball.
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    John Shipley: Gophers’ Richard Pitino has built a good team, but the blueprint isn’t sustainable

    This was my belief over the offseason so this isn't exactly new...Pitino just did exactly what he had to do and he's got a potentially job-saving roster. It felt at the time like he was flying by the seat of his pants a little bit and he'll probably have to do it again this spring when Carr...
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    2020-2021 College Basketball Other Games Thread

    Every team in the Big 10 is going to have stretches where it looks like a lock for a tournament berth immeditately followed by a game or two where it looks like it is full of people who literally just discovered the sport of basketball. It's whacky. Don't see any of them winning the...
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    Liam Robbins will play in the NBA

    Selfishly I hope he sticks around another year but if he keeps playing the way he's been playing...
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    Reusses: Immediate eligibility for college basketball transfers would not necessarily be a good move

    When this happens, is Minnesota a AA program for the major league teams or a AAA program?
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    Mutaf to transfer

    Pro. It's been reported before that getting to a spot where he can make money is a major priority for him (believe his family does not come from a lot of financial stability). So while he may not be an NBA draft pick, I do wonder if he looks at a G-league or overseas deal after this year no...
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