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    Predict the Score Thread for Maryland?

    Pissed off gophers team wins big 45-17
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    [POST GAME THREAD] Minnesota defeats Michigan 49 - 24

    crazy overreactions by a lot of people. This was the first game of the year!!! the gophers can still win the west. In my opinion we never had a shot to make the CFP so everything i wanted this team to accomplish can still be done
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    Wow punters and kickers are important, defense is playing shorthanded everytime with field position
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    Who do you have as your Gameday guest picker?

    Vince sucks wouldnt be surprised if he takes michigan
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    The “other” Bank in December

    I think a dome plays to the gophers advantage with an RPO offense
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    WE'RE BACK!!!

    Bateman come back and improve your draft stock
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    All Things COVID-19 College Football Impact

    Constant hits to the head from football is more dangerous then covid to the average human
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    Mac cancels fb season

    Lets never do anything fun ever again because theres likely a less then 1% risk we could die from it
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    Dodd: A revolution is brewing as athletes ensure the 2020 college football season will be played on their terms

    Free meals, housing, education, clothes, and a monthly allowance as it is. Let them make money of their likeness but universities paying athletes will be the death of college football
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