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    ESPN: Five-star college basketball recruit Patrick Baldwin to play for father at Milwaukee over Duke, Virginia, Wisconsin

    Bo Ryan did the exact same thing Dick Bennett did when he quit on the team after 3 games into the season by recommending Brad Soderberg for the job.! Lets hope this Bennett recommendation ends better. that is If they indeed really made that suggestion.
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    He’s baaack!!

    Well that certainly is an effed up post. Seems to me you like talking about other dudes nuts.
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    He’s baaack!!

    Perhaps Roy should have paid more attention to him in his scouting. Brad forced him into retirement you could say!
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    He’s baaack!!

    I'm old, I get up at 4:30 So its no big deal. I usually make the rounds early LOL.. I get it..Its only 6:32 right now. I slept in.
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    He’s baaack!!

    I get your point, He has got the reputation as a dirty player. Maybe he is dirty, maybe not. I do know that we tend to believe guys we cheer for on our own teams never foul. Fans of teams always believe their guy didn't commit the foul. I may have some of that. I do believe though that his...
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    He’s baaack!!

    Really? overt evangelical beliefs! LOL. We all have choices to believe or not. I would be much more adverse to a teammate that supported organizations that sponsored pillaging and looting! Either way, if either of these extremes try to recruit and/or proselytize a teammate. Then they may have a...
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    He’s baaack!!

    One more year..couldn't be happier that he has come back. One more year to live rent free in the entire B1G's heads. Especially the Gophers lol.. and Iowa's
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    Nate Reuvers in Transfer Portal

    I think you are not saying anything in hopes something comes true. LOL. Potter is getting married and living in Ohio. Trice is collecting SS, Davison has not decided yet if he will exercise this covid exclusion. Reuvers just wasn't interested playing anymore or so it seemed at times. Aleem Ford...
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    Taking a knee at Iowa.

    Iowa is on Woke probation so they have to virtue signal as much as possible for recruiting purposes! LOL. Truthfully it doesn't matter anymore, if it ever did. Glad I'm old.
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    Badgers Broke The Mayo Bowl Trophy

    I never thought to look at it from a week perspective. That would make possession 832 weeks out of 884.
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    Badger PSU game postponed

    It appears to be a Penn St issue.
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    WI Roster Vs MN Roster

    Jonathon Davis is the best player and most athletic player on either roster IMO. A true frosh.
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    SI: Hot Seat Odds: Who will be the First Coach Fired in Each Conference? (Big Ten: 1. Lovie Smith 2/1; 10. Fleck 25/1)

    They actually do beat Us(Wisconsin) more than the current 15-1 Badger-Gopher rate They are at 13-2

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