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    3 Tickets 142 -- and/or 1 4th Street Ramp pass

    Turns out I have 3 tickets in 142 row 27 and one 4th street ramp passes. Will sell pass separate from seats for $20. Will sell tickets with 1 pass for $240 total. (paid about 110 each) Will take best offer as well.
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    Two Lot 37 Parking Passes for Kent State

    Two available 60 dollars each or best offer. Must pick up with cash (Near Minneapolis)
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    SJSU - Section 142 Row 27

    SJSU - Section 142 Row 27 - 4 tickets 140 or best offer SOLD
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    PSU Lot 37 + 4th Street Pass - For Sale

    I have this for sale... PSU - Lot 37 + 4th Street - Great to get a group of people tailgating in lot 37, 4th is closest ramp First person to offer me $100 or I'll take the highest offer by 5pm today, that is any offer. Just need it to find a good home. I live in SW Mpls, but also work...
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    SWAP Parking - 1 SKIUMAH pass for 1 lot 37 (for year)

    If interested email me at
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    Wanted lot 37 pass / 4th Street parking - season preferred

    Shoot email to... Prefer to pay for full season, but will consider partial season (missing 1-2 games).
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    Wanted 2 Iowa Tickets

    Please email...
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    4 NI Tickets (40-45) yard line and parking pass $100 (total) or BO

    PM me or reply to this thread. 210, 18 rows up.
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    4-6 NW and NI tickets

    BO for NI. Looking for at least half. $75 each for NW (or BO). 40-45 yard line. 210, 18 rows up. PM if interested, in the Metro. Would like to do a hand off vs. mailing or meet at the game. Parking passes, non-tailgating, likely available.
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    PM me if you are looking for 50 yard line seats

    200 a ticket for Wiksy. 4 available in 140.
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    Two Wisky Tickets - Plus Tailgating Parking Pass

    Two tickets, row 18, section 210. Parking pass in 37... so you can tailgate in the shadow of the stadium. $400 for the pair and the parking pass or BEST OFFER. Trying to get these sold sooner than later. Just shoot me a PM. I will give preference for someone that can take this off my...
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    Two Cal Tickets 40-45 YD line (tailgating pass)

    Two great Cal tickets. Section 210, Row 18. $100 per ticket or BO. Tailgating Parking Pass in lot 37 also will be included for $125 per ticket. Please do not take the pass if you don't plan to tailgate out of respect for the people who really want to tailgate next to the stadium (i will...
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    4 Tickets and 1-2 parking passes likely available for Wisconsin

    Turns out we have some issues with weddings and what not. Before we decide to put these on eBay, we want to make sure NOT to over look any Gopher fans willing to put down a good offer on some quality tickets. The parking pass will likely be in OakStreet and/or Lot 37. Row 18, Section 210. 45...
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    Thought I would share....

    Largest_Scoreboards_in_NCAA_College_Football I got sick of not finding a good list, so I made one myself. And boy do I feel like a rube for doing it. Feel free to edit it yourself or point out inaccuracies.
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    8,000+.... add Favre to the weekend... realistic?

    October 3rd - Wisconsin - Big Ten Opener at TCF October 5th - Favre lead Vikings vs Packers How many Wisconsin fans can you fit in this state over the weekend?
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