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    Do you wear a mask?

    Yeah and there was that Guns and Roses video for November rain and there was a wedding so..... science.
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    End Racism on Gopherhole: Yes or No?

    Beat Turdue and ended racism in the same day!
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    Do you wear a mask?

    Cinnamon is just a contrarian. I don’t think he ever really believes in anything he argues.
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    All things Democrat voter fraud reports

    Don’t fret, Biden just stole Trumps covid plan so the transition should be seamless.
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    Final Preseason "Field of 68" Projection: Gophers will survive brutal start to B1G schedule, make NCAA tourney field

    19-7 (12-7B1G) will have at least one game not rescheduled due to Rona.
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    Tomorrow's Uniforms - END RACISM

    That 2 minutes of hate was really invigorating.
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    Election is pretty much over - Dems still as angry as ever

    Maybe. I was just a kid though and I’m glad I did more listening then talking. I didn’t turn out to be a POS adult like some. ;)
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    Election is pretty much over - Dems still as angry as ever

    :ROFLMAO: It’s pretty funny, sadly “Angry” is just a nickname my platoon Sargent gave me because I was quiet and nothing really ever bothered me. One of those oxymoron things, anyway it stuck.
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    Election is pretty much over - Dems still as angry as ever

    They’re a little confused right now. They’ve been so busy telling lies for the last 4 years and now they have to try and govern. I’m excited for all the infighting! It’s fun when the woke eat their own.
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    Next Gopher Head Coach

    Those national preseason rankings don't mean anything. They just look mainly look at last years conference standings for half of the teams. I actually think this is the best team P has put together in his time here.
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    Next Gopher Head Coach

    Damian Johnson in 2030 after Pitino leaves for a blue blood school.
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    Walz Should Be Locking Things Up Right Now - COVID

    We should actually give them a trophy and explain to them "their truth."
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    10 Climate Executive Actions Biden will take on Day One

    Will it be as big as Obama’s money laundering scheme? How many Solyndra’s will there be?
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    GOP Supporting Trump's Electoral Coup

    Your hypocrisy is astounding!(y)
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