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    Fake Kerwin Walton account announces, then deletes, Twitter post committing to Gophers

    A fake Kerwin Walton account appears to have Tweeted, then deleted, a commitment to the Gophers today. (Edited for updates.) Sad.
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    Kirk Ciarocca taking OC job at Penn St

    Here's the PSU Press Release, with said requested quote: Ciarrocca Named Penn State Offensive Coordinator Pennsylvania native is a veteran offensive coordinator with championship pedigree ARLINGTON, Texas – Penn State football head coach James Franklin named Kirk Ciarrocca (pronounced...
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    Kirk Ciarocca taking OC job at Penn St

    Penn State is a pretty irregular foe for us for the short and medium term, as we only play them in 2022 (road) and 2025 (home). By 2025, he'll be 60, and probably moved on again. Outside of any potential B1G Championship match-ups, this is probably as harmless of a move within the conference as...
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    Weird: teams played twice in regular season

    We actually played Michigan twice in 1926:
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    Game ticket info

    It looks like maybe we'll be on the south side, from the seating chart on their website. I would guess 115-126 and 215-220 will be the Gopher sections.
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    Patrick Reusse Turkey Award

    Boy, for a guy everybody seems to hate and nobody reads, there sure seems to be a lot of activity on here about it. That's why Ruesse is great. You don't have to like it. But you still end up reacting to it. That's his job. And your reactions allow him to be successful. Masterful.
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    Video: Wisconsin players reaction after Minnesota lost to Iowa.

    It's good to see the rivalry is alive and well. This is what happens when both teams feel they can win, as opposed to the last 15 years, when only one team seemed to truly believe it.
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    Bowl Game Ticket Dispersement

    I made the point from the start that this may very well not be an issue. However, the math is right that if everyone did take their whole allotment, it wouldn't get past the 2,500 on the Gopher score. I would have just preferred that, since we have approximately 22,000 season tickets sold this...
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    Who do you have as your Gameday guest picker?

    So, it looks like it won't be a tweet about being in Atlanta for tomorrow's Saints-Falcons game, someone asked him if he'd be here. His response: Unless he's playing it cool here (possible), it won't be Dungy.
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    Bowl Game Ticket Dispersement

    Correct, the guy with hockey tickets or a family of longtime women's basketball season ticket holders who have never been to a football game in their lives could be ahead of you. Everyone has a Gopher Score.
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    Weather Forecast

    Not was 31-24.
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    Bowl Game Ticket Dispersement

    Capacity is almost 91,000, and the allotment to the schools is around 44,000, so there are lots of seats that aren't allotted to the schools that are out there.
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    Bowl Game Ticket Dispersement

    So, I don't want to kill the mood in here, but we got this email today regarding bowl ticket dispersement, and I have some...concerns. The email is as follows: Bowl Game Ticket Limits The following request limits will be in place should the University of Minnesota be selected for the College...
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    Gameday set location

    This would be my preference, but I would have Northrop in the background. Much more stately/collegiate looking than Coffman.
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    I like a snow game more than anyone, but this would play right into Wisconsin's hands. I'd rather have 45 and sunny that day.
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