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    Transfer Portal

    I'll side with Shades. MN girls on the team is nice. If we keep the top ones. I want to get back to the Final Four - not just float around the middle of the Big10 standings and then have a lucky year once a decade. Height and home grown is fine. But Sissoko was a 5-star top 15 player who is...
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    Seems like 3 at every position would be perfect balance. Especially if they're all different graduating classes. Unless they're a top 25 recruit, I doubt they expect to start all 4 years.
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    Signings 2020 Class

    She wouldn't be a grad transfer. She'd have to sit out a year.
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    B1G Tourney Game 1: Gophers v Penn State (3-4-20)

    According to ESPN Ross did enter the game at the end. Why would we burn a redshirt for at most a 3-4 games at the end of a rebuilding season?
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    B1G Tourney Game 1: Gophers v Penn State (3-4-20)

    Up to 48% shooting. Love the 16 assists our starters have through 3 quarters.
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    B1G Tourney Game 1: Gophers v Penn State (3-4-20)

    28-20 (according to ESPN box score).
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    Rachel Banham returns to MN

    Cool to have her back in state. But I doubt RB will be as instrumental in any future Lynx championships. Lindsay was a crucial player in Suns' championships prior to coming home to help lead the Lynx. Banham hasn't been that type of WNBA contributor so far in her professional career.
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    Signings 2020 Class

    Sissoko and Woodard are the transfers. Are you thinking there is going to be another experienced transfer coming?
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    2021 Recruiting

    Skoniers has shown some potential with her freshman minutes. Hopefully she can stay healthy.
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    Whalen contract extended a year

    If they don't care about results, why did they fire Borton? Which, by the way, I'm glad they did.
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    B1G Game 14: Gophers Visit Ohio State (2-13-20)

    Uggg. No offense or defense in the paint for us.
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    B1G Game 12: Minnesota Visits Wisconsin (2-6-20)

    For f**k's sake, I'm getting sick and tired of blowing double digit leads in the 4th quarter of every single game.
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    Watch Lists 2019-20

    As big a fan of Destiny as I once was, you don't get awards for what could have been....
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