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    Nate Reuvers in Transfer Portal

    Lol posted at the same time. I'd say that I think AAU coaches/programs influence falls off a lot after the initial signing. Don't think they would have much influence on a transfer.
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    Nate Reuvers in Transfer Portal

    He played for D1 MN. Pretty easy to find on google:
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    All Things 2020-2021 College Basketball Coach Hire/Fire Thread

    Marquette is actually one of the highest spending basketball programs in the country surprisingly. I bet the pay will be comparable.
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    All Things 2021 Gophers Basketball Recruiting Thread

    I think Fox and El-Amin would both be solid pickups and entirely possible, makes a lot of sense for them and the gophers.
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    In two years or three years we're going to be sick Coyle didn't hire Smith

    I'm glad you can see 2 to 3 years in the future, maybe you should use that skill for more than posting about it on Gopherhole.... No one knows what will happen over the next few years. Sure we may be kicking ourselves, but we also may have made the right decision. Let's let it play out and not...
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    Who and when do you think will be Johnson’s first commit?

    Looks like people are predicting Cam Heide to Purdue, but I think Holloman and him will be the top 2 players out of this class for sure
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    All Things 2021 Gophers Basketball Recruiting Thread

    Does Big Ten title seem like a realistic expectation in year 1 of a new coach after a 13th place finish the previous year to you?
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    2 mil seems a little high but it's still near the lowest in the Big Ten, don't know why some of you seem to think it's a lavish sum. Not like he's making more than Izzo or something. Going by this it will literally be the lowest in the conference (other than possibly Ferry at PSU)...
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    Dave Thorson and Phillips would be great assistant hires. I think Damian Johnson would be great as a junior assistant too if he was interested.
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    Dennis Gates... He's my pick.

    Gates also had 8 years as a lead assistant under a great coach in Leonard Hamilton. Pitino had 1 to 2 year stints at like 6 different programs as an assistant before getting the FIU job. I like Gates resume a lot more.
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    Next Gopher Head Coach

    That would be dumb. There are a lot of good candidates available now, that would just waste a year of rebuilding time.
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    Marquette fires Wojo

    I dont think its really the record, just that their talent and potential meant they should've been way better. They had some serious players on those teams and never made it past the first round. That's pretty bad.
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    Next Gopher Head Coach

    I've heard Moser might be interested in the Depaul job as well
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    All Things 2021 NCAA College Basketball March Madness Tournament Thread

    One result probably doesn't change how he was feeling either way.
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    Carr in transfer portal

    Yeah a guy being less interested in a job because one player leaves is pretty laughable. Liam would be here two more years and a new coach is not getting fired in those two years no matter how bad they are (barring scandal etc).
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