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    Off Season workouts?

    NCAA policy is that offseason workouts cannot not be made mandatory. I believe technically the workouts can’t even be attended by coaching staff other than strength & conditioning. However, the coaching staff absolutely knows who is showing up to the workouts. Kids can’t lose their scholarship...
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    AAU costs (a random question/looking for help)

    Seems about right for AAU. The costs associated with AAU basketball are high - practice time, uniforms, travel costs, and especially tournament fees are expensive
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    Tyler Johnson official 40 time?

    I would bet somewhere between 4.60-4.65 which is plenty fast enough
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    Oturu last night

    Good news is I think he’ll still be here next year. Not a first round draft choice this year
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    Ryan Burns on Kaden Johnson

    Have watched a decent bit of KJ's tape and agree with others saying senior tape was not impressive. I think his 4star rating was likely a product of him being a nice size/speed prospect starting early in his high school career who had decent production against low level competition, with...
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    Tyler Johnson Highlights

    Unreal. His game against Iowa was just amazing. Matt Miller is an absolute dink these highlights also remind us how unbelievably accurate Tanner Morgan is
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    North Carolina 3-11 in ACC

    Not as much as I would love seeing Duke in last place
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    All Things Kerwin Walton Recruitment Thread (Class of 2020)

    Backcourt is shaping up very nicely for the next few years
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    Jameson Geers Commits to Gophers!

    Geers looks like a very solid tight end. Great size and athleticism, appears very natural catching the football out of multiple alignments. Didn’t see much blocking on his highlight tape but from his defensive highlights he looks to be plenty physical so I’m not worried about how good of a...
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    Jameson Geers Commits to Gophers!

    Imagine not being able to move on with your life because a journalist actually hyped up the football program that has been essentially irrelevant for 50 years but is now on the precipice of mattering on the national stage. I mean, personal agendas aside, I feel that part of the problem with the...
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    Ex-WI LB Borland: 15 guys lined up for injections

    Thank you. The media and general public don't understand how to critique scientific literature, not that we should expect them to. I've argued with lay public for countless hours on this crusade and it is mostly just futile. What are you talking about? Toradol can be given parenterally (IV or...
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    Ex-WI LB Borland: 15 guys lined up for injections

    CTE did not cause Aaron Hernandez to do what he did. Not even close
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    Ex-WI LB Borland: 15 guys lined up for injections

    Totally agree. Sociopaths are sociopaths. He was exposed to childhood trauma no doubt, however most normal people do not respond in this way. Similarly, “toxic masculinity” does not drive normal people to commit a series of crimes with blatant disregard for humanity. Further, his pattern of...
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