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    East River Flats Tailgating?

    Can somebody tell me if the East River Flats area is still open to tailgating? I'm looking to get my tailgate on for this Thursday, and just wanna make sure. Thanks!
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    Students Rioting/Celebrating in Dinkytown

    I'm not currently down at the U. But my friend texted me that students are rioting/celebrating/partying in Dinkytown. Apparently they flipped a car and started a fire already? Can somebody else confirm this? Sounds like the Hockey National Champion riots in 2003.
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    restructuring the student section

    Okay so hear me out. I've been a student in the student section since the opening of The Bank and I love our stadium, but we need to be realistic about our student fanbase. The students of the U of M have it ingrained in their heads to leave after either half time or 3rd quarter. I hear it all...
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    Home Field Advantage Feels SO Good

    How baller was the atmosphere tonight? The student section was full to the brim and frickin LOUD. And obviously that set the tone for the rest of the stadium. I felt this was probably one of the top 4 loudest games at The Bank. Just very proud to finally feel like we had legit home field advantage.
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    Do you sometimes wish that we weren't in the Cities?

    Since we're kind of in that period of when there's not too much to talk about. I was thinking about us being in a pro sports dominated market. Do you think that if our campus was built further away from the Twin Cities, like in Rochester, we would be better at sports? We would have more of a...
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