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    PJ Fleck's secrecy

    Please do not put Fleck on the same level as Belichick.
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    Prediction. Oturu goes first in 2nd to Dallas

    Huge upside for round two
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    Reusse: Kamal Martin compiles highlight reel for Blaze, Gophers and now Packers

    He is going to be a very good NFL player!
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    PJ Fleck's secrecy

    Actually, what I think people are saying is PJ needs to grow a pair. This secretive stuff just makes him looked scared and insecure.
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    [POST GAME THREAD] Minnesota defeats Michigan 49 - 24

    Don't remember them playing the Coyotes last year.
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    Could Bateman opt back in????

    Although these are different times, reports are that he has accepted money, has been training under the guidance of his agent. He has therefore received extra benefits that other student athletes are not able to receive. His original reason was COVID, not the cancellation. If memory serves me...
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    B10 Winter/Spring Season in Domes

    I heard from a fairly reliable source that they are looking at Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Detroit, St. Louis, and Syracuse.
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    JD Spielman. RTB?

    I have heard, whether it is reliable or not, that he is looking to head outside of the Big 10.
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    Mike Grimm Appreciation

    Mean Gene was the best!!
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    Mike Grimm Appreciation

    Grimm should stop worrying about officials. I have listened in the car to basketball games, remembered what he was complaining about, and then watched it on the TiVo. I have done this on multiple occasions and he was wrong on every single play. Seriously, every single one I have looked at...
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    Drew Peterson commits to Gophers!

    He was the third leading scorer on a 15-17 Conference USA team with a few 0 fer games, a 1-9, some 2-8's. A very very lite Gordon Hayward.
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    Question for the board: What qualities are important to you in a head coach candidate?

    This is the kind of mentality that needs to go away. Former players, ties to Minnesota may be nice, but they should not be the main qualification for a job as a head coach or assistant. No heart strings.
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    Rob Reeves

    I noticed that Rob Reeves is no longer listed as the TE coach at Eastern Michigan. Does anyone know if he has taken another position or what the scoop is? I know his family stayed here while he coached at EMU. That has to be a big challenge as a dad.
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    Felony Charges

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    Heather Fleck Responds to Reusse's Negativity

    Heather, Your husband is cashing in at 3.5 million per year. To coach football. Not exactly the most important job in the world. It's not a popularity contest. He signed up for this. Criticism is part of the gig. Again, at 3.5 million a year. Grow some thicker skin. Sincerely, 3399
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