Who is your Gophers MVP in the dominating win over Nebraska?

Who is your Gophers MVP in the dominating win over Nebraska?

  • Rodney Smith

    Votes: 27 34.6%
  • Shannon Brooks

    Votes: 6 7.7%
  • Tyler Johnson

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Mohamed Ibrahim

    Votes: 2 2.6%
  • Kamal Martin

    Votes: 25 32.1%
  • Antoine Winfield Jr

    Votes: 2 2.6%
  • Other

    Votes: 16 20.5%

  • Total voters


We had three points scored against the defense last week and 7 this week. Can we have some more defensive choices for player of the week? Like half and half?


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The NE fans sitting in our section kept hoping Smith would come out of the game more often. Sadly, we had many NE fans in our section. Gopher fans missed a dominating live performance. My nephew commented how rare it is we step on the throttle and don't let up. If Paulson would have caught the bunny it would have been a bigger blow out. It was a great game and fun in the snow/ sleet . Go Gophers !


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Our defense has allowed 10 points total in the last two games combined.

We are back to pushing people around physically up front, on offense and on defense.

We have excellent running backs and receivers.

Our QB is vastly underrated.



Very good. Maybe even...


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I'm going with Kamal Martin and Winfield as Co MVP's. Martin in on 15 tackles. That's a season high this year. Winfield with 10, 7 being solo.
Extremely well prepared team today. Like night and day compared to the team that played in Lincoln last year. Two big changes from then, Morgan and Rossi. (Sounds like a liquor.)

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Hard to choose with so many guys making plays. On defense alone Winfield, Barber, Renner, Martin were making plays all night, some huge. On offense looked like all the backs could have ran for 150+ but Rodney continues to really impress.

I don’t think I’ll vote. Maybe the offensive line as most valuable unit.


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Yeah this defense is different with Martin. Great with slowing down the run and keeping mobile QBs in check. He’s my pick on defense.

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Thought Renner played a hell of a game- especially for someone many of us thought should be demoted to 3rd string after the first two games!

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The line play on both sides of the ball KILLED Nebraska.

Nice to see the first 3-4 yards of almost every offensive carry by a RB being gifted. Shannon, Rodney and Mo expounded from there.

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