Week 4 Other Games Thread


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If a defense can keep Martinez from running, he’s just an average QB. Gophers did a great job of that with the Fresno QB, after he ran wild against USC.

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Illinois will really be a good game for us.

side topic why is every game having mic issues its 2019 and 4 weeks into the season what gives.
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Georgia-ND is good so far.
Notre Dame was given no respect as 14 point dogs but Georgia has been outplayed by the Domers thus far despite 3 false starts and a gift personal foul call. 113 total yards.

Georgia has lost 2 straight vs ranked including to No 15 Texas. They go into the half down 10-7. Notre Dame has to feel good about their chances. If Georgia can start running the ball could be a tale of two halves but impressed with ND so far.


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Why the hell would Illinois not try to get in FG range at the end of the half? They were just 15 yards from FG range, 2 timeouts and about 25 seconds.


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Despite Illinois being up 21-14, they are not a good football team. Peters sucks and the defense is very suspect. They’re fortunate to be leading, due to Nebraska’s sloppy play. Nebraska is loaded with talent on offense, but they aren’t quite putting it together.

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Just finished watching Minnesota State Moorhead survive vs Northern State. Whew. Been keeping an eye on scores throughout the day and caught some action, though.
Thoughts overall.
  • Illinois has been so odd these past few years. I figured Lovie would be able to at least make them a bowl team but they've struggled immensely. Then I was thinking they might breakthrough this year, but then they lose to a G5. And now they're leading Nebraska.
  • Oregon beat Stanford, looks like th Ducks are back on track and Stanford needs to sort things out.
  • I was thinking Michigan vs Wisconsin might be a tight defensive battle. Nope, in a flash it was 21-0. It's relatively early in the season and the Wolverines could turn around, but damn, Michigan is in trouble. Meanwhile the Badgers are looking pretty good.
  • How about Pitt taking down UCF? I have a lot of respect for the Knights but Pitt always seems to be a scrappy team and can be dangerous.
  • Washington had a really strong performance. With Utah's loss they might be the PAC12 kings again.
  • Miami struggled vs Central Michigan. SMU took down TCU and App State beat North Carolina. Any given Saturday. G5 schools can hang as we know.
  • Rutgers lot again to Boston College. And it only gets tougher with B1G schedule.
  • Northwestern was taken down in convincing fashion by Michigan State. I never underestimate Dantonio, but at the same time Northwestern is 1-2. Could be a good year to get a win from them.

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