STrib: Loss to Illini last year shook up Gophers


per Megan:

Thomas Barber could hardly find the words to explain what last year’s loss at Illinois was like.

The 55-31 drubbing to the team that finished last in the Big Ten West last season will not be a treasured memory for the senior linebacker.

“Just, you know, frustration,” Barber said . “… As you can see, I don’t like talking about it. But yeah, we know what happened.”

In that game, the Gophers allowed 646 offensive yards, including 430 rushing. The Illini peppered them with explosive plays, like three scoring drives of more than 70 yards.

Go Gophers!!


Gov. Victory Bell Ringer
I traveled to that game and I must admit, after the game I thought there was no way that Fleck was the answer. I was done. He won me back over with the finish but that was definitely a low point in my 35+ years of fandom.


Pretty Sure You are Wrong
On his weekly radio show on KFAN Fleck talked about "revenge is never a motivation" taught in his culture. They don't talk about it. So I don't think replays of the game are being shown on a loop in the locker room like some of us were hoping.

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