Rutgers Week! Biggest conference game favorite since?


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Gophers will likely be around a 27-32 point favorite this week against Rutgers. When was the last time the Gophers were so heavily favored in a league game? Ever?


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Man...Rutgers has not been good. Like really really really not good.

Can’t wait for Saturday. 7-0 is within reach.


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Another opportunity for the defense to earn a shutout after being spoiled by a long drive vs Nebraska and offense miscues vs Illinois.


This is an opportunity for us to dominate and to make further impressions upon the AP voters as a ranked team. If we only win by 3 or allow Rutgers to be in the game, it will hurt our image and ranking votes. Need to be up by 28 at the half and give our second stringers some playing time and rest our starters.

Or another approach is and it would be a great story line in college football on 10/20 IF we only start and play our second stringers and got a W. That would be hilarious!


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As fans, these next two games are scary. We should dominate Rutgers and after looking like world beaters for two weeks Maryland has come crashing back to Earth in a big way. As Minnesota fans we are used to seeing the team drop games like these in the past.

But with the approach of the current staff I don't worry as much about that happening this time around. I love the fact that we have a bye week before the Penn State game. Human nature will be to circle that game and start looking to it but I feel like these coaches will be able to keep the players grounded, hungry and looking to make a statement. Would be very disappointing to lose either of these next two given where we are at right now.

I feel very confident that Fleck and his staff will have the guys ready to go and won't take anything for granted.

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