***Predict the score vs Purdue***


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Purdue's defense so far this season:

404 yards vs. Nevada

491 yards vs. Vanderbilt

421 yards vs. TCU

Purdue's offense so far this season:

519 yards vs. Nevada

540 yards vs. Vanderbilt

204 yards vs. TCU (no Sindelar)

We need to be able to put up yards & points on their defense.


Minnesota 35, Purdue 24


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This may be a heart attack revenge game.

Missteps like in the last three games can easily turn into a lopsided rout in favor of the Boilermakers.

This game is critical for both teams.


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If y'all remember correctly, the Gophers got Purdue immediately after the Brohm to Louisville rumors were in full on mode. I didn't think Purdue was ready to play us last year and we took full advantage of their lack of focus.

Thankfully, I don't think Purdue is very good this year, which gives us a chance to exploit them again this year.

Gophers start out the BIG season with a win over the Boilers. 45-27

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MN 48
Purdue 17

Could be reversed. No idea. One or both teams will be fired up and ready to play. Or neither. Both teams have the ability to score if they decide to...both defenses are suspect until proven otherwise. Could be a two beer game or a vodka game.

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