Predict the Score: 11/12/19 Minnesota vs Nebraska


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Gophers 35
Nebraska 21

I was going to give Nebraska 24, until I remembered their place kicker situation is not good. I don’t like their chances of making FGs in the slush and wind.

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Gophers 34
Cornholios 24

My guess is we are solidly winning this game but a late TD by Nebby makes it seem closer than it actually was.


I’m only using this since it was in a dream I had last night. I doubt it will be this high scoring especially with the weather situation:
Nebraska 42
Minnesota 31

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I don’t think Nebraska is as bad as some think and I consider them a dangerous team. Hard to get a read on the QBs this year for obvious reasons.

That said, I think PJ will have the guys ramping up for this critical Big Ten run. Nebraska doesn’t have a very good kicker. Unknown at QB. Questionable defense vs run and pass.

MN 35
Nebraska 21

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