Parking for the new Stadium

I've been hearing that some on here have received a mailing from the U regarding parking options for the new Gopher Stadium. Are there any other season ticket holders who haven't received anything regarding the parking? I am wondering if they are sending these out in batches.


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I just received mine on Wednesday. It is also explained on If you can log in, theree is a new section about parking. Nothing has beed determined yet. They don't tell you where zones 1-4 are, only what they will cost. No explanation on where tailgating will and won't be allowed. Schroeder says to be patient. I am not sure I can be. Tailgating is a big part of the Gopher games for me.
I agree. There's been plenty of time to decide who gets what and what goes where. If the
GLC is out of the equation for the type of set up they've got near the dome now, I wish Maturi
and the U would come out and say it so we can all move on sooner rather than later. If
Schroeder knows something he should say so.