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A fellow at work is a Purdue grad who's lived here for probably 30+ years...his wife is from here so that makes sense.

Anywho he's as good a Gopher fan as many a native...good for 2-3 games at TCF a season...follows the team close enough to have a football conversation...but of course roots for PU when it's us versus them. This is the same for his adult son who was raised here and too is a Boiler grad.

They'll be watching tomorrow night from the armchair on the big screen just like us...hoping for a Gophers win.

I'm not choosy about a fan's roots. I hope that his grandkids will go to the U and carry on from there.

In the meantime, yes it's frustrating but maybe this is the year it starts to turn. I know that my workmates wonder if I have any shirts, jackets, or coats that aren't Gophers apparel? They certainly know where my loyalties lie.

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I got this:
Face the Facts GH sucks head to GI.

Also Bleedgopher sucks.

Love you
Then two more that said I suck. Mixed feelings.

Regarding the theme of this thread. During PJ's first year in 2017, my dad who at best is a casual Gopher fan, scoffed that while "at coffee" with his friends they joked about what clown PJ is. That was 2017.
This year he has called me prior to each Gopher game to find out what channel they are on.

I suspect interest is growing for various other fans.


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It would help if the local media gave a $hit. PA in particular. He’s interested this weekend because JD Spielman is on the other team.

I’d love it if they ever invited him on s Columbus radio show and completely exposed him.

It does not have to be mutually exclusive. Mike North in Chicago is no prince but he knows twice as much about the Bears as PA knows about the Vikings. He also knows more about Northwestern and Notre Dame than PA knows about the Vikings.

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