Minnesota Gophers make their debut in the Coaches Poll at #25 in Week 7


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BOOM! Let’s go!

Helps in recruiting, helps in generating fan interest.

Can help in Bowl game selection.

Beat Nebraska!


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Good to see, a week earlier than I figured. Surprised Cinci didn't make it back in...and how the h*ll is TX A&M still ranked...should have dropped out last week...oh, wait, look who they play next week.


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Coaches Poll is all that matters. Who even looks at the AP? Hacks!

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From the Gophers standpoint, I think it's good timing for them to move into the top 25. I'm not sure they would have handled it well until now, but they seem to be finding a rhythm and probably have the right upcoming opponents to get used to being in this position. There are no guarantees, but, in a perfect world, they would be able to gain some confidence heading into the last month of the conference games.

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