Gophers vs. Purdue a 2:30 pm start time

Good deal. Perfect start time for the short commute from Westfield, IN. Hoping a bunch of Gopher fans make the trip.

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Surprised it isn't a BTN game.
Surprised too. Maybe just trying to get their obligated games in for Purdue and Minnesota, so they don't have to show them any more. I don't expect it to be on ESPN. Does ESPN still do the ABC/ESPN2 mirror/multi-games or is that not a thing anymore?
I don't want any 11:00am kickoffs this year. for purely selfish reasons. Saturday mornings at 8:30, my radio station does a Coaches' show with local Football and Volleyball coaches. if the Gophers kick off at 11, the pre-game show starts at 9:00 and we will have to start the Coaches' show early in order to be finished before the Pre-game show.

Still don't think we need a 2-hour pre-game show. But they didn't ask my opinion. (for those who say don't carry the pre-game show, we don't have a choice. it's part of our contract with the U and Learfield. we're required to carry the show - or we have to give them make-goods for the Network ads that run during the show.)

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