Gophers land a hidden Canadian gem in Michigan transfer Benjamin St-Juste


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per Megan:

Joe Rossi might have enacted the most aggressive slide into the DMs in Twitter history.

The Gophers defensive coordinator was driving along the highway this past May when defensive quality control coach Danny Collins texted with the news: Michigan cornerback Benjamin St-Juste had just tweeted his intent to transfer as a graduate student with three years of eligibility.

“I literally pull over on the highway and [direct] messaged him,’ ” Rossi said of how desperately the Gophers wanted another good cornerback. “… Right there, boom, we’re on it.”

Rossi’s bold move worked, as he was the first coach to contact St-Juste about an opening. And there were no questions about his intent, with the coach immediately insisting St-Juste call him and set up a visit so he can see Minnesota’s campus and fall in love with it.

Two weeks later, St-Juste had done just that, and he officially joined the Gophers at the end of June. He needed a while to learn the playbook and acclimate to the team, but now the cornerback is coming off his best game in time to face Nebraska on Saturday.

Go Gophers!!


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Yep. He stood out in the open practices. He was the best 1-on-1 cover guy in those practices. Not surprised he's starting to make an impact.


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He looks like a nice addition to the team, that's for sure. His height is a nice thing to have too if we ever need someone to cover a taller receiver.


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He just needs to grow out the hair, and he could almost pass for Richard Sherman. He definitely looks like he has NFL potential. I’m not sure we’ll have him for the full 3 years. I’d settle for 2.

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He is smart to transfer out to the Gophers where his talent is greatly appreciated. Being buried in the depth chart of Michigan after coming out of his injury is not his cup of tea.