Frost post game presser


Pretty Sure You are Wrong
Caught most of Frost’s post game press conference as I returned home from TCF Bank Stadium. Body language and inflection made me want to give the guy a hug. Very complimentary of Gophers and I found myself actually feeling sorry for him and the Nebraska fans. Then I reminded myself of 84 points in the Metrodome and my moment of empathy passed. 6-0!!


Knows Less Than Coaching Staff
I will never have any compassion for Nebraska's football program. Their delusional fans, yes. They will likely never be what they once were.


Section 211
The Billds came to Minnesota 30 years ago and wanted to embrace Gophers Football. We had only known 80s Georgia Bulldawgs' football and did not know anything about Minnesota.

Our first Gophers game was Minnesota-Nebraska 1989. It was not pretty...Gophers lost 48-0...and we did not come back until Glen Mason was hired (who if you remember was Georgia's coach for a week and changing his mind). If you want some history, here a link:

Tonight's win is a 30th anniversary present for us witnessing that debacle back in 1989.

Thank you Gophers for a memorable night. I think we can put the '89 game to rest now for good.

Better things to come. Nebraska will NOT be scheduling us for homecoming any time soon. That list is growing. ;)

Face The Facts

Fleck Superfan

If you listen to his presser it sounds like a prime example of a coach who's team has been outcoached.

Said his QB's are hurt because they've had to run them more than he wants because it's the only effective run.

He talks about penalties and missed assignments. He knew what we were running and we still executed.

Sounds like our team is well-coached.

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