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Somalis have the toughest time assimilating of any group that comes to the US. The problem is- they attempt to bring their culture here. Sorry to say it but their culture stinks. They are serial polygamists, they abuse our social services by hiding the polygamy and breeding to collect welfare, they treat the women horribly and their kids run wild because the boys are not allowed to be disciplined. Is this a general statement that doesn't hold for every Somali family. Yes. Is it generally true? Yes.

Does this mean we should run them out of the country? Nope, we can't do that. But we need to limit this type of immigration because our cities and systems cannot handle it. Let's just be honest, they are not successful here for the most part.

Sorry to break in with common sense, I know this is frowned upon here. If you don't like what I am saying, read the statistics in the attached article. Scroll to the bottom , the chart is staggering.
I don’t like what they’re doing to Cedar-Riverside. It’s Un-American and Un-Swedish. :mad:


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Trump has allowed one allie to attack another. Now that is Tsun Tsu in reverse logic. Usually, it goes, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Not let my friend kill my friend.

Then, there is the open skies treaty being chucked out the window. That was a nuclear deterrent treaty that relied solely on allowing overflights over nuclear sites to verify compliance. Now, throwing it out or even suggesting to do so would make a new nuclear arms race a possibility. We don't need that again. Very expensive. And, with more nuclear players in the game, a much, much more expensive possibility.

And, then, look at his real money raising machine. Today, we learn from the FBI that Giuliani and 4 foreigners met for lunch. Two hours later, two of them were arrested for FEC violations as they were providing money to a super pac. And, get this, the amount of money funneled to the super pac exceeded $500,000. But, that isn't all, the FBI disclosed in New York that the total amount funneled to his campaign this year alone exceeded $1,000,000.00

I don't know about any of you, but all of these actions seem to make America weaker, again! Trump is a hack, and he is trying to take us all down as he goes down. That isn't just a narrative, it is a fact.
Trump allowed it!!!

Another dishonest d.

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