Chip: The program took a significant step forward


per Chip:

The program took a significant step forward at the halfway point of Fleck’s third season.

A bunch of game balls should be awarded to their senior class. They rose to the moment, a collection of superlative performances on both sides of the ball.

The defense shouldn’t take a backseat in handing out accolades though. That unit has allowed one touchdown in two weeks. One. Forget about strength of opponent. In today’s college football, that’s remarkable.

They had total control of things, just like their offense. In a big moment, the Gophers brought their best. Nobody needs a history lesson to know that hasn’t always been the case. This team is starting to write its own narrative.

Go Gophers!!


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My daughter who is a Gopher grad just took her first job in Knoxville which is Chip’s alma mater. She is following the Gophers from afar and Chip might be thinking wtf is wrong with UT but enjoying these Gophers.

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