#ChairWeek - Broken Chair Trophy Fundraiser 2019!

Hey Y'all, we're raising funds for the University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital again this year! Thanks to everyone that has donated, said hello in the lots, or helped us spread the word on social media in the past. We're having Nebraska and Minnesota fan bases compete this year to see who can donate the most to their respective chair-ity. Check our efforts out at @ChairTrophy on Twitter, and head to brokenchairtrophy.com/donate to support the cause. Ski-U-Mah!
Out at the tailgate lots - we'll update location throughout the day on Twitter. Short of finding us on the fly, we'll be at the GLC tailgate for about the last hour before kickoff. Won't be in the stadium anywhere because the schools are stilling keeping us at arms length. Oh well.


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I can't donate either. I swear, the number of charity sites that have problems with this is ridiculous.
We've checked with the UMN donation site, and everything is good on their end. I know when I've tried to donate from work, whatever firewall or other network/systems protections are in place prevent me from entering a donation amount that sticks. Always works at home or from my phone though. Anyway, if you're having trouble, gonna have to try from some other connection point I guess. Apologies!
Is this the first year it is back? Wasn’t it not exchanged recently?

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Here's a longer read on the history that we posted yesterday: https://www.reddit.com/r/CFB/comments/dfgpr9/the_5_bits_of_broken_chair_trophy_and_rcfb_a/

TLDR - Schools exchanged the original trophy in '14 and '15. Schools "lost" it in '16. Our team of volunteers made a replica and have raised money for Team Jack and the UMN Masonic Children's Hospital ever since. Spent '17 at the hospital, spent '18 in Nebraska, on its way to Minneapolis tomorrow for the '19 tilt.

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