Anyone in favor of extending Fleck and making him one of the highest


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Too early. Looked what happened in Nortre Dame as to Charlie Weiss. I really like Fleck though and hope it all pans out for the long haul. We haven't had much continuity here as to the football team in the area of coaches. If he does well in the next year or two, I'd say "sign here!"
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paid coaches in the big 10?
Seems a little premature. Flecks record at Minneosta to date is 17-13 (7-13). His B1G wins so far this year are Purdue and Illinois, not Wisconsin and Michigan. I'll be in favor of a nice raise when he wins the division, and again when he takes the team to the Rose Bowl.

I’d offer him a massive and long extension.
Gross, man. :p
I am as big a Fleck fan as is out there and I think he needs to get through this season before we anoint him our football savior. Beat Nebraska, Rutgers, and Maryland to go 8-0 and I might be so pumped up that I might change my mind.


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Get through the season, and if we land where we'd like to, 9-10 wins and a nice bowl game, pay him what his B1G high end peers are making, and add 20 %.

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