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The big question other than financial considerations at least for their women's basketball program is when will Gino Auriema retire?
The big east isnt much better than the aac in womens hoops, especially with Marquette rebuilding.
I respectfully disagree. Even without UConn, the Big East had a significantly better RPI than AAC last season. With UConn, they're not even going to be comparable. And the Big East is a multiple-bid league, with DePaul a perennial but Marquette, Georgetown and Creighton usually at least decent, sometimes very good. AAC will likely go back to being a one-big league.

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UConn, which used to be a member of the old Big East, will leave the American Athletic Conference, where it has been a member since 2013, and rejoin the reconfigured Big East. The university will officially announce the move at a press conference at Madison Square Garden on Thursday. The Huskies are expected to join the Big East after the 2019-20 season and will have to pay the AAC a $10 million exit fee. The Big East doesn’t host football, so UConn will have to find a new home for its football program, or embark as an independent.
Meanwhile, UConn’s proud basketball tradition was never a good fit in the AAC. The UConn men’s team won a national championship in 2014 in its new conference, but that was flukey, and the school has otherwise struggled to return to prominence at the national level. As for its women’s team, UConn has seemed to be in a league of its own. The Huskies have gone 102-0 in conference play. Last year, the Huskies won all 16 conference games by double-digits and scored at least twice as many points as their opponents five times, including a 118-55 drubbing of East Carolina and a 102-45 win over Memphis. (In 2015, the Huskies tripled their opposition in three AAC games; in 2017, the Huskies won the conference championship game 100-44 over South Florida.) In the end, it appears women’s basketball was the motivating factor for their move, as the school expressed disappointment with the way the AAC’s new television deal placed UConn women’s hoops behind a paywall. (UConn will almost certainly go down in history as the only school to switch conferences over women’s basketball television rights.)

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