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Another day, another connection. Now we find out Adam Schiff hired two former NSC employees who worked with the leaker, right before the leaker went to Schiff with the false allegations. Small world, huh?

Costa Rican Gopher

Mind of a Scientist
BREAKING: Dozens of Trump staffers worked with whistleblower in a white House
How many did Adam Schiff hire, right before he met with their co-worker to launch false accusations against the POTUS? What expertise or experience did they have that's relevant to Adam Schiff's Congressional duties?

Funny how Schiff's other staffer just happened to fly to Ukraine on Burisma's dime to meet with William B. Taylor the week before Taylor started trying to bait the Trump admin into saying they'd made a quid pro quo.

Also interesting how the NSC/CIA leaker turns out to have worked with Joe Biden in Ukraine, even flying with Biden to UIkraine on AF2.

Or how the NSC/CIA leaker went directly to Schiff, rather than following thew chain of command. Funnier still was Schiff lying about it.

CIA/NSC leaker also coordinated his allegations with James Clapper before coming forward.

CIA/NSC leaker lied on the 'urgent concern' forms by failing to disclose he'd met with team Schiff prior to approaching the ICIG.

ICIG just happened to change the 'urgent concern' form after-the-fact, after years of it being standard. ICIG refuses to explain why he did that.

This is clearly a coup attempt. Anyone supporting it, knows exactly what it is. The rest of us don't care what you people allege anymore because it's always lies.

Costa Rican Gopher

Mind of a Scientist
If it gets Trump impeached, or causes him to resign, I really don’t give two s__ts about anything CRG said.
As despicable as it is to want to overthrow the results of the election because you lost, I respect your honesty that you don't care how it's done.

As I see it, this is now an undeclared civil war. You're the South. Trump is Lincoln. Since you guys don't care about the law, ethics, our electoral process, or the rights of the voters who elected Trump, I see no reason to listen or care about anything you people have to say. Trump's going to do what needs to be done. There will be no impeachment. If there is, Trump should just ignore it. I actually hope he takes a 3rd term as POTUS to make up for the time he lost in this 1st term due to the coup attempts.

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