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    Default Success Breeds Success

    The snowball is rolling down hill gathering momentum with every revolution, which will hopefully gather resources along the way. PJ Fleck saw the future when very few Minnesotans could have ever imagined that three seasons into the "Fleck Era" he would have our guys basking in a 6-0 start, with optimism brewing ahead.

    Successful football programs have completely enhanced the experience for their university. Winning football has provided many schools with significant increases in enrollment and obviously brought in tons of money.

    So, here are my questions...

    If Minnesota football continues a high level of success both among the BIG and national landscape, would you be more likely to make a donation or increase your current donation amount to the U of M?

    Would you be more likely to send your children or encourage others to attend Minnesota?

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    ESPN now has us ranked 19th.

    Starting to feel like we actually have a legit team now instead of a pretender. Loving this

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    If the Fair Pay to Play act goes through nationally it would probably be more productive (in terms of building the foorball roster) to pool money for speaking engagements, appearances, ads to help attract big recruits rather than donating money to the school. One can probably contact the high school player’s/recruits agent directly to negotiate.

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