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    PJ is exactly where he wants to be and were he fits. He took over a dormant B1G school were he can become the man.

    As long as they treat him fairly, he will be coach of the Gophers and make it a helmet school once again.

    I believe him when he said that Minnesota was one of his dream schools. He knows where he fits.

    It would compromise his whole “culture” to cater to those 5 star players and boosters that expect people to kiss their azz.

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    If PJ can get us to 9 regular season wins and/or knock off one of the top 20 teams in Nov I’m on board with backing up the truck. Sure it’s a gamble but probably one worth taking.

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    Fleck has said it: he likes the midwest, and he and Heather like big city life. If he builds a contender, schools will court him, but if the U can pay him, I think he'll stay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vandy View Post
    PJ will stick with our "Sleeping Giant", as he put it. Win and this administration will take care of his business. The new Prez knows what value successful sports programs brings to the "U"...... No need to go anywhere.

    The Giant is waking from it's slumber.
    I met the new MS State head coach, Joe Moorhead, at an event in Biloxi, during the summer last year. One of my son holds a couple of degrees from MS State. I took a picture of him with my son. He asked me if I wanted to be in the picture too and I said it might not go over to good with my Minnesota Alumni. Then he made some comment about 2017 beingy year zero for Coach Fleck. Coming from Penn State, Joe was very familiar with PJ. I told Joe that the beauty of taking over for Minnesota was that our football program, although it had won 9 games in 2016, was basically in survival mode. I told him that we will have patience with Coach Fleck. I then offered him the best of luck, but might have made some statement about MS State alumni not having much patience as he had inherided a winning program from a loved and respected head coach.

    Joe is a really nice guy by the way. MS State is dealing with an academic cheating scandle; sound familiar. It's going to take a while to get it back on track. However, it does not surprise me that the alumni are already interested in making a change. Just stay away from PJ ya'll.

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