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    Default We may never lose again!

    That is it, but itís possible.

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    I agree. Go gophers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by craw0092 View Post
    That is it, but it’s possible.
    Just noticed you have a quote from me!

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    It's happening man! 15-0!
    Attention: If the above comment sounds puzzling, adjust your sarcasm setting and try again.

    Quote Originally Posted by God View Post
    For you are one of the chosen ones, my son. Please carry my other messages forward and spread them across the land.

    Thou shall not root for the Badgers under any circumstances, whatsoever. Doing so will bring upon my wrath and you suffer from the same plague of obesity, stupidity, and ugliness of the one who leads the razorbacks.

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    If we go 14-0....

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